I wasn’t born a traveler. Certainly not one who would count myself amongst the ranks of women who travel solo.

My parents moved to Chicago from Pakistan after getting married, and my sister and I were born into the American dream. Why would we ever want to leave?

I can’t quite pinpoint when the wanderlust struck, but I went from being content with the world in front of me to realizing how small it was compared to the real, zoomed out picture.

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As I started traveling on my own, especially internationally, I felt myself expand with each trip (and not just around the waistline!).

Travel makes me feel grateful like nothing else can. It makes me feel alive and inspired. It dissolves my anxieties and keeps me in awe.

And that’s why this blog exists.

Well, that and because I believe all women should experience the thrill and confidence that comes with solo travel as a woman. 

In 2019, not long before the world went into lockdown, I left my unhealthy marriage and found myself living truly alone for the first time.

As a desi / South Asian woman, I had been told for so long that I could travel more freely once married.

life after divorce for a woman solo travel as a woman

Now, here I was divorced and locked down in my Chicago apartment. I was working remotely and itching to travel again.

So, in early 2021 I took a leap and spent 4 months living in and working from Costa Rica. I went completely alone, having never been to Costa Rica before, and wound up making amazing friends.

In the summer of 2021, I officially put in a request with my employer to stay permanently remote.

By mid-October of 2021 I will be living my dream of location independence encouraging more solo travel for women. I’m here to prove that life after divorce for women can be the most beautiful, freeing phase.

That solo travel for women is not as scary or far-fetched as some may think. That women who travel solo are in for the adventure of their lifetimes. 

This blog didn’t start out as a solo female travel blog. In fact, I started it while in a relationship. But it is 1000% a solo female travel blog now and honestly? I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So, if you’re curious about solo travel as a woman then welcome. You’re exactly where you’re meant to be.  

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