cover of ebook on how to travel alone for the first time

Looking for guidance on how to travel alone for the first time? I wrote this e-book for you.

Discover the transformative power of traveling alone as you uncover the secrets to embracing solitude, finding joy in self-discovery, and navigating unfamiliar territories like a seasoned explorer. From practical tips on planning your trip to overcoming fears and immersing yourself in new cultures, this guide is your go-to resource for unlocking the endless possibilities of solo travel.

21.00 USD

What’s in This E-book? 9 Chapters Covering:

  • A Solo Travel Readiness Self-Assessment
  • Guide to budgeting, choosing destinations and mapping out your trip itinerary
  • How to reassure loved ones of your safety while solo traveling
  • Encouragement for solo traveling in your 30s+
  • Advice for overcoming common solo travel challenges including:
    • Safety for solo female travelers
    • Dining alone while on a solo trip
    • Making friends as a solo traveler
    • Facing loneliness, boredom and language barriers
    • Overcoming unexpected challenges alone
  • Ideas for capturing memories of your solo trip
  • Recommendations of my most used travel items and resources
  • The story of how I went from HATING solo travel, to loving it

About the Author

I’m Nausheen, a Pakistani-American divorcee who learned to love solo travel in my 30s. I’ve taken solo trips to Costa Rica, Mexico, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Japan and more – my list is ever-growing! You can learn more about me here.