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The Best Things to do in Park City, Utah in Summer Months

This guide for the best things to do in Park City, Utah in summer months was produced in collaboration with Visit Park City, who hosted us on this stay. All awe-inspired ramblings and opinions are my own. If you’re planning a trip and wondering what to do in Park City Utah, read on!

If you’re already familiar with Park City, Utah in North America chances are you’re an avid skier. Regularly appearing on ‘best of’ lists as one of North America’s top ski towns, Park City is that ski town and so much more. It offers plentiful sunshine and low humidity, year-round outdoor activities, a delicious food scene and incredible scenery at every turn.

When Visit Park City invited us to experience the stunning town for ourselves, we spent some time figuring out the best time of year to visit. I’ve skied several times, but am not a die-hard skier and that opened us up to avoid busy season altogether. We set our sights on visiting Park City, Utah in early June to experience the town’s summer activities. It did not disappoint! Turns out, Park City, Utah is a great place to visit on summer vacation. 

You might find this surprising considering Park City is even home to Utah Olympic Park, which exists to host winter olympics! But aside from hosting winter olympic games and avid winter sports-people (not us), Park City has plenty more to offer.

Planning a trip to Park City, Utah in summer? You should be! While winter sports aficionados visit for the thrill of the slopes, we were looking for something slower paced.

Park City, Utah was the perfect oasis for reconnecting with nature and rejuvenating our mind-body-soul connections. It’s also a great girls’ trip destination! Read on to learn more about this pretty city and feel free to steal our itinerary below.

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Guide to Visiting Park City, Utah in Summer Months

Park City, Utah History

Park City got its start as a silver mining town back in 1868 — a legacy the town proudly embraces. It wasn’t until the 1930s that skiing began to emerge as the town’s main attraction and pastime. Later, in 2002, Park City helped host the Olympic Winter Games. 

Since 1978, Park City is also host to the Sundance Film Festival. Insider Tip: If you’re planning to visit for Sundance, aim to go during the second week, once some of the excitement has died down and you can experience more of the real Park City!

You can learn more about the history of Park City, here

What is the Elevation of Park City, Utah? 

what is the elevation of park city, utah? mountai view

Park City, Utah elevation is at 7,000 feet and as altitude sickness tends to be more common above 8,000 feet you probably won’t feel it much (especially if you frequent ski towns set at higher altitudes). As a precaution, make sure to hydrate, limit alcohol and plan to take it easy on your first day. 

How is the Park City, Utah Climate & Weather? 

In Park City, Utah summer weather reaches an average high of 84 degrees during the peak month of July. In general, Park City summer weather is cooler than summers in other parts of the US, making it a great escape from hot and humid cities. 

While we visited in late June, Park City was experiencing the same unusual weather pattern we’ve been noticing in Chicago this year so the weather was closer to 60 degrees. It even snowed at one point, though only for a few minutes! The sun sure helped keep us warm, though!

Park City, Utah has an above average number of sunny days per year. Even in winter, when the city is covered with powdery Park City snow, the sun shines strong and that’s more than I can say for gloomy Chicago winters. 

If you’re wondering how to pack for Park City summer weather, plan on a small variety (a pair of jeans, a dress, etc) and bring layers!

Get Around with Park City Transit

Getting around Park City is a breeze with its free electric buses. You can view routes and schedules here, and ask at your hotel for additional guidance.

Uber and Lyft are also options here but when possible, aim to arrange a shuttle for various drop offs and pick ups through your hotel as ridesharing can get pricey. One thing is for sure, you’re always in for a scenic drive.

Who Lives in or Visits Park City, Utah? 

Some of the nicest, most active people I’ve ever met! Many people we met had moved to Park City as adults for the skiing. It’s also a great city for anyone who appreciates beautiful nature and outdoor activities like hiking. 

What to do in Park City, Utah in Summer : Day 1

On Friday morning, I headed to O’hare to catch my flight to Park City. Zafreen had already arrived in Park City the night before, as she flew in directly from a work trip. I was looking forward to seeing her and getting our weekend in Park City going!

Getting There: Is There a Park City, Utah Airport? 

flights to Park City, Utah

No, there is no Park City, Utah airport. Park City is located about a 35 minute drive away from Salt Lake City. So, when you’re booking flights to Park City, Utah you should plan to fly into Salt Lake City’s airport (SLC). Then, to get from the Salt Lake City airport to Park City you’ll take a Park City airport shuttle.

There are a few different shuttle companies and they all have desks right at baggage claim where you can check in. We took the Canyons Express all the way up to our accommodations in Park City and had a great ride. Book in advance to make your airport to Park City transfer a breeze.

Where to Stay in Park City, Utah

We stayed at the recently renovated Grand Summit Resort Hotel in Canyons Village and highly recommend you do the same. It has a beautiful lodge look to it with the feel of luxury and hands down the most comfortable beds I’ve ever slept in (not an exaggeration). It’s quiet, convenient and offers beautiful views. It was the perfect place to call home base in Park City for the weekend.

grand summit resort hotel park city

This hotel is not close to Main Street, but it’s an easy (and fun) journey into town! Simply ride the cabriole (a standing ski lift type contraption) down to the bus stop and take the express bus all the way to Main Street, only two stops away.

Or, arrange a ride through the hotel (you’ll want to see if the bellman is available on your way out the door rather than pre-scheduling this). Of course, you can always go the rideshare route and we had a few instances when that was our best option. 

park city transit cabriole

With a cafe, restaurant, spa and outdoor pool with mountain views Grand Summit Park City was everything we needed our home base to be.  

Enjoy a Park City Gondola Ride

grand summit resort hotel park city

Our very first activity in Park City, not counting the scenic ride from the airport, was riding the Red Pine Gondola. There is no shortage of stunning views as you wander through Park City as it is, but the gondola ride took it to the next level.

One of the best things about this experience is, of course, the view. Each gondola is fully enclosed with plenty of windows to peer out of as you soar above tree-filled valleys and take in the surrounding blue skies. Especially after a long first day of travel (due to flight delays) this was the picture perfect welcome to Park City I needed! 

Dine at Deer Valley Grocery Cafe

things to do in park city in summer deer valley grocery cafe

For dinner we headed to the Deer Valley Grocery Cafe. Sadly, it was too chilly for us to sit comfortably outside but we stepped onto the patio to check out the views before settling in as close to the big window inside as we could. Everything we ordered was light and delicious, exactly what we needed!

The stand in the center of the cafe was loaded with a gourmet grocery selection and pretty trinkets. We left feeling charmed by Deer Valley Grocery Cafe and with two giant cookies the size of our heads for dessert. 

Psst, read about the best places to eat in Park City here

Drive Down Main Street – Park City

With a long day of travel under my belt I didn’t have the energy to do much exploring after dinner. Instead we drove down historic Main Street with our host for the evening, Rachel of Visit Park City. She recommended some shops for us to check out and got us even more excited about strolling through Main Street later on in our trip. 

Then, we headed back to the Grand Summit Hotel for a blissful night’s sleep before the next day’s adventures. 

What to do in Park City, Utah in Summer : Day 2

Zafreen and I are both early risers. Especially when I’m traveling, I like to be up and at ‘em at a decent hour — I’m not there to sleep my day away! We woke around 7:00am which is early for some folks on vacation but perfect for us. This gave us just enough time to grab a light breakfast from the First Tracks Cafe in the lobby of the Grand Summit Hotel, get dressed for our morning hike and meet Rachel out front. 

Experience Park City, Utah Hiking & Yoga

One thing I learned about myself as a traveler long ago is that I feel most present, connected and at peace in nature. Immersing myself in nature reminds me of the bigger picture.

It makes me feel small, protected and massively fulfilled at the same time. So I was thrilled to spend our morning hiking and trying outdoor yoga in silks with Park City Yoga Adventures (PCYA)

If you’re into nature, physical activity and supporting women in small business bookmark their website right now for your inevitable visit to Park City, Utah. Julia Geisler saw the opportunity to combine yoga with the great outdoors and started PCYA in 2011.

An outdoor adventure enthusiast herself, Julia has since expanded to offer a variety of outdoor yoga experiences led by some excellent guides. PCYA offers snowshoe + yoga in a backcountry cabin, paddle board yoga in an actual crater and more. 

drive to wanship utah blue sky ranch

We met our guides, Julia and Tina, at Blue Sky Ranch in a town called Wanship just outside of Park City. It took us about 25 minutes to drive over. We were dressed in long pants and sweaters, layered up so we could shed or add warmth as needed. Definitely wear sneakers or hiking boots for the mountain trails (you’ll take your shoes off for the yoga portion), and bring sun protection.

Aside from that, you won’t need much. PCYA provided us each with a lightweight, blue backpack for the day along with water and some snacks. They also lent us hiking poles which came in very handy. 

After using the restroom at the parking lot site (the last one we’d see before lunch, aside from bushes doing double duty), we hopped in Julia’s truck and drove to the base of our hike. From there, we began our climb along a defined yet sometimes rocky path.

We chatted along the way, increasingly breathless (at least I was!) at higher altitudes. We took in the stunning views, the playful sounds of creeks we passed and even the calming scent and feel of sage. 

wanship utah blue sky lodge
Newly opened Blue Sky Lodge nests in this beautiful spot. Would make for a great romantic getaway or solo immersion in nature!

At one point, we had the option to walk through an ice-cold creek (literally, it was melted snow water) rather than balancing across a log to the other side. Of course, I opted to try it! My feet were numb by the end of that short but nippy walk but I felt invigorated. And my feet warmed right up once I put my socks and shoes back on. Worth it! 

At another point, it snowed for several minutes. Completely out of the blue, mid-hike and it felt magical. Eventually we reached the site for our yoga in silks experience. While Julia and Tina set up the silks, we snacked and enjoyed the views around us. Then, we began the yoga experience.

The silks were a great support, and fun! Julia led us through different asanas, providing modifications as needed, and even snapped pictures of us throughout so we could save the memories.

Yoga in silks, outdoors surrounded by trees, is an incredible experience. It was fun and playful, but also meditative and restorative. Just what I’d been needing. This would be a great experience for the whole family to enjoy together. 

park city utah hiking and yoga in silks
If you haven’t done yoga in silks in an outdoor grove, have you even lived?

The whole experience was 3 hours long and I’m not sure how much time we spent hiking vs in the silks but it all felt very immersive. No part of the experience felt rushed, which allowed us to relax into it even more. 

If you love exploring nature on your travels, this is one great option. There are also some great Utah National Parks road trips you could take if you’re in the state for longer.

After yoga in silks, we hiked back to Julia’s truck. This time, we were trying to beat the rain and moving mostly downhill so it went quite a bit faster. 

Lunch at High West Distillery 

park city lunch high west distillery

After our amazing morning with PCYA, Julia and Tina were available to join us for lunch! We all made our way to High West Distillery. If you’re into whiskey and great food (or at least one or the other) you will love High West Distillery.

The Wanship location is set in the mountains and on a nice day you’ll want to sit outside, though the interior is just as beautiful. Absolutely order their Chips & Dip. Trust. For more tips on what to order here, see our Park City food guide

Participate in Savor the Summit

Bellies full and bodies limber we headed back to our hotel to relax and get dressed for the evening. We were going to Savor the Summit! It’s Park City’s biggest outdoor dinner party and is set on historic Main Street. 

I was sitting on the window ledge of our room at the Grand Summit Hotel, looking out at the mountains before getting ready for dinner, when it started to POUR.

Honestly, I’m still not sure if it was raining, hailing, sleeting or what but all of a sudden our outdoor dinner plans seemed to be in grave danger…until approximately 5 minutes later when the precipitation stopped and the sun shone brightly for the first time all day. I was momentarily in awe before remembering I’m a Chicagoan and this should be more or less normal to me. 

For the rest of the evening, the weather held up great and we enjoyed good company, good conversation and good food at Savor the Summit. We dined with the Riverhorse on Main — an award-winning, top-ranking restaurant. Even if you’re not in town for Savor the Summit specifically, plan to have a meal at Riverhorse on Main. 

park city utah savor the summit
Oh, no big deal. Just a deliciously fancy dinner on historic Main Street with mountain views and great company.

If you’re a foodie, I fully expect you to plan your visit to Park City around this event. Different restaurants set up beautiful tablescapes right along Main Street and people come together at communal tables.

To join in on the fun, make your reservations well in advance directly with the restaurant you want to dine with, as each has its own menu and pricing. 

Catch Live Music at Park City Bars

After dinner, we decided to explore some popular Park City bars like The Spur, No Name Saloon and The Cabin. Though, truth be told, we ended up never leaving The Cabin because the live music was on point. They’d given us tickets to see The Brevett, a band that was also in Park City for the first time and playing The Cabin’s downstairs venue.

We ended up loving them song after song, so stayed through the end and by that time we were ready to turn in (we are super cool). Check out what’s playing at The Cabin during your visit and enjoy a night of live music on Main Street!

What to do in Park City, Utah in Summer : Day 3

Have a Park City Breakfast at The Eating Establishment 

best breakfast in park city utah the eating establishment french toast

On Sunday morning we were right back on Main Street. In fact, we were some of the first people there. We had breakfast at one of the Park City Main Street restaurants, The Eating Establishment, which was casual and charming. The French Toast (with lemon curd imported from Portugal) was divine — a must-order. 

Wander Through the Park Silly Sunday Market 

After breakfast, we were perfectly positioned to check out the Park Silly Sunday Market! Before you ask, let me tell you I have no clue how it got that name and neither did anyone I asked. If you’re reading this and you know, leave your answer in the comments!

park silly sunday market on historic main street

Before we moved toward the open-air market stalls we popped into some of the boutique shops along historic Main Street, including Olive & Tweed, Atticus Coffee & Teahouse and Dolly’s Bookstore. The surrounding area streets are also lined with several art galleries and there’s even a Banksy piece to check out on the side of Java Cow. Fun fact: it’s not the only one but it’s the only one we saw as it’s the most well-known. 

There’s a farmer’s market, food and drink stalls, art and artisan vendors. One of my favorite stalls was by Red Barn Collections — they turn used books into journals and it’s highly nostalgic (I’m a sucker for nostalgia). I also later learned by way of Instagram, that one of our PCYA guides, Tina, has her own handmade leather goods shop and also exhibits at Park Silly Market! Look for Akasha Leather when you’re there and chat with Tina about stories from her own world adventures with her husband. 

Let Loose at Adventure Park 

Traveling Park City with kids or kids at heart? Visit Adventure Park for zip lines, mini golf courses, mountain biking, a coaster and more. After a pretty chill morning on Main Street, we walked about 15 minutes over to Adventure Park. It was bustling with activity and there are so many fun activities to choose from! Mindful of our time, we chose one activity — the Alpine Coaster. 

park city mountain adventure park

We had to leave our bags in boxes out front on the side of the ride which we weren’t thrilled about, but all of our stuff stayed perfectly safe. You have the option of riding two to a car, but unless you’re hopping on with a child or very small adult you’ll probably be more comfortable alone. 

If you like coasters and nice rides through trees, this is up your alley. Zafreen and I are wimps when it comes to coasters, in large part thanks to scary stories our mom told us growing up.

This is also in part why I spent most of my middle school trip to Six Flags Great America hanging out with my super cool (she really was) English teacher, feet firmly planted on the ground. Hey, this is who I am. I’ll jump out of a plane but ask me to ride a roller coaster (if it has loops don’t even bother) and I’m out. 

The Alpine Coaster goes 25-30 mph and involves some sharp turns. If you’re like us, it’s not for you. But, I’m glad we tried it all the same and it was just the pre-lunch jolt of adrenaline we needed. If you visit and ride the Alpine slide, please refrain from making fun of us. 

We know…

We know.

The best part was being able to laugh at ourselves after!

Lunch at Red Tail Grill

grand summit resort hotel red tail grill chicken sandwich

We headed back to the Grand Summit Hotel for lunch at the onsite restaurant, Red Tail Grill. Between us we split a chicken sandwich, a superfoods salad and a brownie sundae for good measure. Everything was delicious, especially the sandwich, and we loved the convenience of having our beds in close proximity to handle our resulting food comas. 

Unwind at a Park City Spa

Next, we had 4:00pm reservations at RockResorts Spa at The Grand Summit. Onsite lunch followed by onsite spa? Yes, please! Zafreen opted for a custom facial, during which a skin professional got to know her personal skin concerns and addressed them accordingly. 

I went with the therapeutic hydration ritual, and can feel myself sinking back into loopy relaxation mode just thinking about it. I swear, during and after the treatment is the most relaxed I’ve ever felt. Between the warmth of the cot itself, the hot oils and stones, essential oil scented wraps and nature sounds I was certifiably at ease.

The women who performed their miracles on us were calming, kind and super knowledgable. Truly a great experience all-around and great way to balance out a day of activity.

Dinner at Hearth and Hill 

We enjoyed one of our best meals of the trip on our last night in Park City, at Hearth and Hill. The ambiance felt both laid back and indicative of fine dining, and Zafreen noticed that the wonderful live musician duo was the same we’d seen performing live music at Park Silly Sunday Market that morning. 

Still pretty stuffed from lunch but not wanting to miss the chance to sample a variety of menu items, we decided to order a series of shareables for dinner. Hands down, the star of the show was the carpaccio flatbread. We also loved the grilled elotes and flank steak gyoza. There were some great options on the menu.

There’s plenty more on the menu we wish we’d had room to try, but we filled up quickly and knew we wanted to save room for dessert. We went with our waiter’s recommendation and ordered the sticky toffee pudding cake. It’s not something we would have ordered on our own, as the name makes it sound overly sweet, but it was perfect. 

dinner in park city utah at hearth and hill carpaccio flatbread

dessert in park city utah at hearth and hill sticky toffee pudding cake

After dinner, we headed back to the hotel for one more sleep in Park City before heading home to Chicago. We made plans to rise early the next morning to glimpse the sunrise from our hotel window, and were able to catch a bit of it.

For breakfast the next morning we split a veggie breakfast burrito from First Tracks Cafe. Then, we hopped aboard our Canyons Express shuttle for the ride down to Salt Lake City airport. 

Conclusion: Visiting Park City, Utah in Summer Months

Our weekend in Park City in summer was everything we’d hoped for. We got to enjoy nature, amazing food, fun and soothing activities and the company of good people.

If Park City wasn’t already on your travel bucket list, we hope it is now. For a full list of summer events in Park City through mid-September, see here. Happy planning!

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