how to get from oaxaca airport to oaxaca city

3 Best Ways to Get from Oaxaca Airport to Oaxaca City

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What’s the best way to get from Oaxaca Airport to Oaxaca City?

It’s always a good idea to have a plan when landing in a new city or country to help you hit the ground running. Knowing how you’ll get from the airport to your accommodations upon arrival to an unfamiliar place helps your trip get off to a great start.

I recently traveled to Oaxaca City myself and in this post I’ll share my personal favorite way to get from Oaxaca airport to Oaxaca city center. Plus, additional transportation options so you can choose the one that’s best for you.

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How to Get from Oaxaca Airport to Oaxaca City

There are several different options at your disposal for how to get from Oaxaca airport to Oaxaca city center. Choose the one that’s right for you based on your budget, comfort level and how much time you’ll have.

Private or Shared Taxi from Oaxaca Airport to Oaxaca City

First of all, in case you’re feeling nervous about navigating an unfamiliar airport let me reassure you that you can rest easy. Oaxaca airport is small and un-intimidating. Once you’ve landed and exited the luggage area, walk until you see a booth with a ‘TAXI’ sign above it.

Here, you’ll have several options. My personal favorite and the one I used was the Colectivo taxi. This is a great option for affordability and even meeting fellow travelers, great for anyone who is not in a rush. Essentially, when you buy a Colectivo ticket you’ll be in a large van / bus with other people.

Sometimes, you could be waiting a while to hit the road because they’ll wait until the van is full. Other times, like in my experience, you won’t have to wait very long at all. As a solo traveler, I enjoyed getting to meet other people as soon as I arrived thanks to my Colectivo ride.

What I also loved about this experience was that they drop each person off to their specific address. Of course, again, this could be time consuming so if you’re in any kind of rush this is probably not the right option for you. I’d budget about an hour for this option, though it could be longer or shorter.

When you get in line at the TAXI booth inside the airport, have your destination address ready to show at the counter. The service people will let you know whether the address falls in Zone 1 or 2 and charge you accordingly.

Both options fall around or under $10 USD. Once you pay, they’ll hand you a receipt / ticket and direct you where to go. Hang on to those slips of paper because you’ll need to show them to your driver.

archways in oaxaca

The other taxi option is a non-shared taxi. If you’re traveling in your own group / with another person (or even on your own) you might choose to go with this option called Especial.

All the directions are the same as above, except you’ll want to specify that you do not want a Colectivo, you want Especial. Of course, prices will be higher for a non-shared option at approximately $20-30 USD.

On my return visit from Oaxaca city to Oaxaca airport, I asked my accommodation host to call me a private taxi. It felt more convenient and I was more time sensitive making the trip in the other direction. A private, direct transfer like this one should take about 30 minutes.

Driver Booked in Advance from Oaxaca Airport to Oaxaca City

If you want even greater peace of mind and ease, you can sidestep the entire taxi booking process completely and book a private driver instead. I considered this option myself before deciding to go with the Colectivo option on arrival.

This is an affordable shared ride option that you can book for roundtrip service between your hotel and the airport. When you arrive at the airport, someone will be holding a sign with your name on it and you won’t have to worry about where to go at all. It will all be taken care of for you in advance! On your way back, you’ll be picked up at your hotel for a seamless return to the airport.

Alternatively, you can book a private transfer in advance as well.

Public Bus from Oaxaca Airport to Oaxaca City

The most affordable way to travel from Oaxaca airport to Oaxaca city is by public bus, although it’s not the most convenient option. Whereas the options mentioned above provide door-to-door service, with a public bus there’s of course more walking and self-navigating involved.

First, you’ll need to walk about 10 minutes out of the airport to the bus stop itself. My best recommendation is to plug your final destination into Google Maps, select the bus route and follow walking directions to the bus stop. (Tip: Pre-purchase an eSim using Airalo so you can use your phone as soon as you land).

My next best recommendation is to ask someone for directions to the bus stop and then follow any others also headed there.

Be sure you have cash, ideally, pesos, to pay the bus fare. This option costs less than $1 USD. Of course, once you arrive to Oaxaca city center area you’ll need to navigate the rest of the way to your accommodations. Be sure to map out your route ahead of time to mitigate surprises.

FAQ: Oaxaca Airport to Oaxaca City

In addition to the information provided above, you may be wondering about these additional questions:

How far is Oaxaca Airport from city center? 

Oaxaca Airport is approximately 12 km from the city center.

Are there Ubers in Oaxaca? 

No, Uber does not operate in Oaxaca but what is available instead is DiDi which is similar.

Where to Stay in Oaxaca City

I personally loved the area I stayed at in Oaxaca city. I avoided being directly in the city center because I value my quiet time and sleep, and I was only a 10-minute walk away. I stayed near the Jlatlaco area and recommend you do the same. Here are some recommendations:

Luxury: Quinta Real

main church in oaxaca city

Centrally located and with peaceful amenities, you can enjoy a relaxing stay at Quinta Real. Enjoy the beautiful colonial-style decor, serene pool and top-notch service for an unforgettable stay.

Mid-Range: El Callejón Hotel Boutique

jlatlaco neighborhood in oaxaca city

For a quiet oasis located in the midst of all the action, book your stay at El Callejón. Enjoy the property’s garden, terrace and bar. This boutique hotel even offers airport transfer and car rental services, so be sure to inquire if you stay here.

Budget: Holiday Inn Express Oaxaca – Centro Historico

colorful streets of oaxaca city

This hotel has my personal favorite location, very close to El Llano Park. This Holiday Inn Express is clean, comfortable, has kind staff and a great breakfast.

Conclusion: From Oaxaca Airport to Oaxaca City

No matter what your budget or preference is, there are a variety of options available for traveling from Oaxaca Airport to Oaxaca City. From the affordable public bus to the private transfer booked in advance, each option provides its own unique benefits and drawbacks.

Consider which type of transportation you prefer based on convenience, cost-effectiveness, safety and comfort when deciding how best to get to your destination. Looking for the best things to do in Oaxaca once you arrive? Be sure to sign up for one of the best Oaxaca cooking classes and don’t miss out on this Sacred Mezcal Tour!