Mezcal Tour Oaxaca at Conejo's Palenque, father and son with Espina Negra agave plant

Sacred Mezcal Tour Oaxaca: A Firsthand Review 

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Looking for the best Mezcal tour Oaxaca city has to offer?

A mezcal tour is the perfect way to get to know an important part of Oaxaca City. Mezcal has become increasingly popular around the world, and 70% of it is made in the Mexican state of Oaxaca.

On my visit to Oaxaca City, I joined this Sacred Mezcal Experience led by WSE Travel and I strongly recommend you do the same! In this post, I’ll provide a firsthand review of my own experience on the Sacred Mezcal Tour in Oaxaca to give you a sense of what to expect.

Best Mezcal Tour Oaxaca: The ONE You Need to Take

Let me be honest — I’m not a big mezcal drinker. But I knew that mezcal is a big part of life and culture in Oaxaca. What kind of explorer would I be if I left without learning more about this key aspect of Oaxaca?

Whether or not you drink mezcal, and whether or not you drink alcohol at all, you can get a lot out of a mezcal tour in Oaxaca. IF you choose the right one.

Many of the Oaxaca mezcal tours I’d come across in my research were surface level tastings tacked onto larger day trips. They still had great reviews, and sounded like the perfect way to get a quick understanding and tasting of a variety of mezcals.

But I wanted more.

And when I learned about the full day Sacred Mezcal Experience led by WSE Travel, I knew I’d found the perfect tour for me.

If you’re interested in diving deeper into the process of mezcal-making, spending the day with a local Mezcalero and having the option to taste high quality ancestral mezcal then this is the perfect tour for you, too.

What is mezcal?

Mezcal is a type of distilled, alcoholic beverage made from the agave plant. I used to think mezcal was always inherently smoky, but on this tour I learned that the level of smokiness is actually based on choices made in the distillation process.

What makes the Sacred Mezcal Experience the best Oaxaca mezcal tour?

A mezcal tasting is one of the best things to do in Oaxaca, and there are several reasons the Sacred Mezcal Experience is the top Mezcal tour Oaxaca has to offer. First, you will spend the day with a local family learning about their ancestral practices of mezcal-making that have been passed down across generations.

It was a pleasure meeting Conejo and learning from him. It was even cooler to be joined by his 12-year old son, who will likely one day continue to keep the ancestral mezcal making process alive as the practice continues to be passed down within his family.

Perhaps the most special part of this experience is that each person has the opportunity to choose and plant their own baby agave in the field. I chose a baby Espina Negra, who I named Mariposa (look out for her when you visit!).

planting baby agave at a palenque on a oaxaca mezcal tour

First, I got to dig the plant out of her previous place in the earth. I used a machete (don’t worry, I was under supervision) to hack off the excess growth to prepare her to be replanted.

And finally, planted her in her new spot alongside many other young agave plants. This variety of agave takes 9 years to mature, so I’d better plan to revisit then!

Planting a baby agave into the land was a unique and incredible way to become part of the land, and it’s definitely not something every tour offers.

Another reason this tour by WSE Travel is the best one is because of WSE Travel’s commitment to responsible, sustainable travel. You can learn more here and feel good knowing that by booking with WSE Travel, you’re having a positive impact on local communities.

What should I expect on this tour?

This is a full day, 10-hour long tour with a reasonable start time of 9 AM. Your guide will pick you up and drive you an hour south of Oaxaca to the town of Santa Catarina Minas.

The tour wastes no time, and your guide maximizes the car ride to begin teaching you more about mezcal based on your level of existing knowledge.

Soon, you arrive at your destination — the agave plantation (called, Palenque) belonging to the mezcalero known as Conejo. You’ll hop out of the car and jump into Conejo’s pickup truck for a short ride out to the agave fields.

Conejo teaching us about the different agave plants at his plantation

Here, Conejo will walk you all around the field teaching you about the large variety of agave plants. You’ll learn to identify the different plants based on how each one looks, and also learn key facts about each plant along the way.

Along the way, you’ll stop for some snacks and some sips of mezcal (if you’d like) to keep up energy! Your time in the field concludes with the chance to plant and name your own baby agave.

Planting a baby agave on the sacred mezcal tour oaxaca

Afterwards, you’ll head back to the main house for a fascinating walkthrough of the entire ancestral mezcal making process. It’s eye-opening, and very likely to give you a brand new appreciation for the spirit.

Once you’ve learned all about the labor-intensive process, sit back and enjoy tasting a wide range of mezcals in the tasting room. You’ll have the chance to purchase your favorites to take home with you if you like, but there’s absolutely no pressure to do so.

The day isn’t over quite yet. On the way home, you’ll stop at a local restaurant for a bite to eat and perhaps a dip in the pool.

sunset views in Oaxaca

What do you wear to a mezcal tour?

On most tours, and especially on this one, you’ll spend a good amount of time out in the agave fields.

For this reason, it’s best to wear jeans or longer pants to protect yourself from the bugs and cacti you’ll come across. I didn’t pack any jeans with me for this trip, but these lightweight pants worked perfectly.

my orange linen pants next to an agave plant!

You’re also advised to wear close-toed shoes, which I’d recommend as your best option. However, again I hadn’t packed any and these hiking sandals worked out okay for me.

Remember to apply bug spray and sunscreen, and bring a hat along for additional sun protection. On this tour with WSE Travel you might also have an opportunity to go swimming, so pack a swimsuit just in case.

How can I book the Oaxaca Sacred Mezcal Experience?

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you book this tour:

  1. It is organized as a private tour, so if you book with friends (up to 6 people total) you’ll have a bit of a discount as you’ll split cost amongst the group.
  2. There is an additional local fee that is due, in cash, on the morning of your departure payable directly to your tour guide. The amount is 1,000 pesos or 50 USD.
  3. WSE Travel donates 2% of every trip you go on to a local environmental or community-based project.

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The Oaxaca Sacred Mezcal Experience with WSE Travel is an unforgettable journey into the world of mezcal. From learning about different agave plants to learning about all the stages of production, this tour offers a unique opportunity for travelers who want to experience something truly special.

With its commitment to responsible travel and local donation initiatives, booking with WSE Travel not only gives you access to incredible experiences but also helps support sustainable tourism in Mexico. Book this amazing adventure today.

Thank you to WSE Travel for inviting me to participate in this experience as their guest. As always, all opinions and awe-inspired ramblings are my own.