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9 Best Travel Movies on Netflix to Feed Your Wanderlust

Let’s face it as much as we love to travel, explore a new place, get away from it all sometimes we simply can’t. For whatever reason, anything from it not fitting in your budget to a global pandemic (like that would ever happen!) sometimes it isn’t possible for us to visit a brand new destination. But, wanderlust doesn’t care about any of that. It strikes when it chooses and since teleportation hasn’t been invented yet (are we sure it’s 2020?) we have to get creative about how we satisfy the itch to travel. What the future has given us to help with this are travel movies on Netflix! Cue travel escapism. 

That’s right. On days like the ones we’re living through now we travel addicts can turn to such alternative forms of escapism. After some serious research (yes, I made sure to actually watch and vet all of these) I’ve compiled the best travel movies on Netflix to help you get away from it all. 

But that’s not all! Travel is a multi-sensory experience. So, when I really want to feel like I’m exploring the world with my butt still glued to my couch I turn on my inner foodie. Forget food and wine pairings, these days I’m all about the food and film pairings. I’m sure fellow food travelers can relate. Whether it’s a recipe I make at home or ordering takeout to support local businesses, pairing geographically and culturally relevant food with my travel movies really uplevels the whole experience. When food tourism isn’t an option out in the world, bring it into your home instead. 

Okay, okay the wine can stay too.

The Best Travel Movies on Netflix 

Julie & Julia 

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Photo by Andreas Selter 

Of course, a classic! Meryl Streep is Julia Child, a famed American cookbook author who brought French cuisine to America. Amy Adams plays the New Yorker who becomes fascinated with Child’s life and with recreating her recipes. The movie tells their story set between past and present, France and New York. Truly delightful and will probably make you hungry so may as well be prepared! 

Suggested recipe: Easy One Pot Beef Bourguignon

The Hundred Foot Journey 

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Photo by Łukasz Czechowicz

Another movie with a heavy focus on cooking. This one follows an Indian family whose car breaks down in a small but stunning village in France (how convenient?) and they decide to rebuild their lives right then and there (goals). They end up opening an Indian restaurant directly across from the best known [French] restaurant in town and beyond. Competition, underdogs, wanderlust and love — all are served up in this movie. 

Suggested recipe: Never have I craved a simple omelet so much.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society

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Photo by Lia Tzanidaki 

Based on a book, this movie features actors from Downton Abbey and Game of Thrones. Set in London and the island of Guernsey, this story is full of heart and so beautifully played out. The characters themselves are enough to draw you into another world, supported by views of London city and sweeping cliffside landscapes. Highly recommend. 

Suggested recipe: Anything but potato peel pie. Go for something hearty and warm. The beginning will likely have you craving roast meat. Plan accordingly. 

Sex and the City 2 

abu dabhi travel movies on netflix satc2
Photo by Daniel Olah

What’s better than hilarious, supportive female friendship? Hilarious, supportive female friendship in Abu Dhabi. Fly and stay in luxury, shop for shoes in the souk with Carrie, and have fun with fashion in the sand dunes all from the comfort of your home. You can’t go wrong with the foreign [mis]adventures and girl talk, and of course some eye candy along the way. 

Suggested recipe: Try this hummus. Whatever you do, avoid yams. Trust. 

Holiday in the Wild 

holiday in the wild best travel movies on netflix africa
Photo by Hu Chen 

You can take Charlotte out of Sex and the City but you can’t take that Sex-and-the-City charm out of Charlotte. Or, in this case, Kate. She’s just as sweet and still a recovering romantic when she winds up, fresh out of a failed marriage, in an elephant sanctuary in Africa. Of course there happens to be a dreamy resident pilot there as well. Why wouldn’t there be? Clearly I’m seeking partnership in all the wrong places *searches tickets to Africa.* Sure, it’s a little cheesy at times but the elephant cuteness makes up for it. 

Suggested recipe: Instead of Christmas cookies, try your hand at Mandazi

Murder Mystery

Monaco Murder Mystery comedy travel movies on netflix
Photo by Anthony DELANOIX

How can you go wrong with Jennifer Aniston? You can’t, and throw in Adam Sandler for good measure. A delightful comedy travel movie that’ll take you to Europe on a ridiculous and haphazard anniversary celebration. If you’re looking for a fun, lighthearted movie here you have it. 

Suggested recipe: Embrace the couple’s NY roots and the Italian filming locations by ordering a pizza for this one. 


Amsterdam canals best travel movies on Netflix Queen
Photo by Steven Lasry

My mom recommended this Hindi movie to me years ago about a jilted would-be bride from Delhi who decides to go on her honeymoon to Paris and Amsterdam without her flaky ex. It’s the classic coming of age of a timid, heartbroken young woman discovering the world has more to offer than she’d known. Watch if: you don’t mind subtitles. 

Suggested recipe: I tend to order this in but you could also make chicken tikka masala, a personal fave when I’m craving Indian food.

Falling Inn Love

New Zealand Fallig Inn Love best travel movies on Netflix
Photo by Peter Hammer

Unlucky in love means lucky in life in this movie, when our protagonist (Christina Milian, actually) enters a competition for an inn in New Zealand and actually WINS it. Seriously, who wins those things? Probably not me or you. Live vicariously through her instead as she moves to New Zealand, renovates the inn and meets a better love along the way. How much would it cost to have the mind behind this movie rescript my life? Hmm..

Suggested recipe: Coconut Curry Mussels

The Tourist 

adventure travel movies on Netflix The Tourist in Venice
Photo by Rebe Adelaida

If adventure travel movies are more your speed then this fast-paced action flick is your cup of tea espresso. This movie starts out in Paris and moves on to mostly takes place in Venice. It strikes a healthy balance between lively plot and eyefuls of Venetian views. You can’t help but be pulled quickly into this one so it’s the perfect way to achieve travel escapism. 

Suggested recipe: Counteract the fast pace with a glass of wine and some dark chocolate.

Bonus, on Hulu: Under the Tuscan Sun

Tuscany romantic travel movies on Netflix
Photo by Engjell Gjepali on Unsplash

And because movies set in Italy are my personal favorite, I also recommend Under the Tuscan Sun though it’s on Hulu and not Netflix. One of my favorite and best travel movies about a divorced woman who takes a trip to Italy and winds up moving there permanently. As she renovates an old villa, finds family in unexpected places and discovers love again she offers hope that it is possible to live life fully on our own terms. 

Suggested recipe: Crock Pot Bolognese sauce over zoodles or cauliflower gnocchi 

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