Try the World Delivers a Taste of Turkey l Foodie Find

Try the World Delivers

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If you know us at all by now, you know that food is a huge part of how we experience the world. From taking cooking classes or joining food tours abroad to exploring restaurants in our own backyard, both Imtiaz and I are curious foodies.

One of the things I personally miss most from my year living in Europe is frequently trying foods from different countries. When I moved back home, I thought fondly of the foods that had become my favorites and was sad to learn how hard they could be to find stateside. Can you relate?

Kat and David could, and they did something about it. These creators of Try the World dreamt of recreating favorite dishes from their travels, and decided to turn that dream into reality. Together, they developed a monthly subscription box that would deliver the flavors of the world right to people’s homes.

The nostalgic traveler and foodie in me knew I had to try it.

Try the World Delivers

Recently, I received my first box from Try the World. Their latest box beautifully packages the sweets and spices of Turkey. Have you been? I’m fortunate to have had the pleasure of visiting, albeit briefly, several years ago. My fondest memories of wandering through Istanbul include sampling breads, teas and sweets from street stands and lively market stalls.

Now, three years later and more than 5,000 miles away, here they sit in this delightful box inviting me to Try the World.

And, I do.

Here’s a recap of everything I received in the Turkey box:

Try the World Delivers

Honey Nut Bars
Did you know that, apart from China, bees produce the most honey in Turkey? Try the World recommends using these as a crushed topping over ice cream, and I can’t wait to give it a try.

This is a circular bread, varying in size and texture by region. One of my first snacks in Istanbul was a large, handheld version purchased from a street cart. These bite-sized ones pair perfectly with tea or coffee.

Try the World Delivers

One thing I love about my Try the World box is that it has the power to introduce me to new foods. This helva is not something I tried on my trip to Turkey, and I’m looking forward to trying it here at home. Try the World recommends covering it with chocolate (obviously don’t have to tell me twice) or adding into brownie mix. Yum!

Dried Apricots
Sure, most of us have had dried apricots before. But these have got to be the most aromatic and flavorful apricots I’ve tried. Try the World taught me that Turkey is the largest producer of dried apricots in the world — who knew? Not to mention, they’ve included a Baked Dried Apricots with Rose Water recipe that I never would have thought to try otherwise.

Pomegranate Turkish Delight
Sometimes, I still daydream about the Turkish delights I savored in Istanbul. Try the World suggests blending these beauties into a milkshake or serving with ice cream. I want to try both but for now I’ve been happily popping them straight into my mouth. The Turkish word for Turkish delight is ‘rahat lokum,’ or ‘comfort in the throat.’ Accurate!

Try the World Delivers

Rose Water
The fragrance of this alone brings me infinite peace. Rose water is a special ingredient in Middle Eastern dishes, and can even be added to water or your favorite cocktail to elevate the flavor.

You can’t put together a collection of Turkish foods without including spices. Sumac has a citrusy, savory taste and is great for vegetables or meat dishes. I plan to add it to an upcoming chicken meal.

Altinbas Tea
Tea is practically synonymous with Turkish hospitality, and this is one of Turkey’s most premium blends of black teas. It tastes as amazing as it smells!

Try the World Delivers

So, how does Try the World decide what to include in each country’s box? By tapping an expert chef! The Turkey box is curated by Chef Nurden Erdem, who is a native of Turkey and currently the head chef/owner of Enfes NYC (add it to your list if you’re planning a trip to NYC!).

Try the World delivers a cultural experience. It is so much more than a collection of exotic foods, which in and of itself would be satisfying. Try the World goes several steps beyond that to inform and inspire with each item.

Want to try it for yourself? Try the World features a new country each month and this month it’s Spain (having lived in Madrid, I love this). Use my coupon code and get $20 off: NAUSHEEN20. Order it here, and remember to let me know what you think!

If you’re a nostalgic traveler like me, a parent who wants to bring the world to your kids or a foodie with a curious palate, Try the World delivers.


This post was sponsored by Try the World
and, as always, all opinions are 100% my own.



Try the World Delivers a Taste of Turkey
Try the World Delivers a Taste of Turkey
Try the World Delivers a Taste of Turkey

24 thoughts on “Try the World Delivers a Taste of Turkey l Foodie Find

  1. I would love to try this. Next to traveling, food is my hobby. haha. And its a new adventure to try different food from diff. countries. Bonus will be that they are in one box. Lucky you. 🙂

  2. Woah honestly I was surprise, it’s actually my first time hearing those words a sumac and altinbas tea, I’m not sure if I’m gonna try Sumac but the tea though I’m going search for it. thanks a lot for this post I’ve learned so much 🙂

  3. They do look delicious. And the packaging looks quiet attractive as well. I would love to try some were I in the same geographical area as you

  4. All of these sound so delicious… I love that they add the information about the items inside, which adds a learning component to the experience. Curious to try it out!

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