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Rome Foodie Guide: Where to Eat in Rome, Italy

Looking for a foodie guide to Rome? After so many repeat visits to the eternal city I’ve rounded up all my favorite Rome, Italy food recommendations. Use this Rome food guide to help you navigate the best bakeries in Rome, best coffee in Rome and some of the best Rome restaurants. With this Rome foodie guide in hand you’ll know exactly where to eat in Rome, Italy to make the most of your trip! 

I learned early on in my travels that the old adage, ‘fail to plan, plan to fail’ definitely applies to foodie experiences on travels. We tend to visit new destinations briefly and I personally hate wasting an opportunity for a good meal. Stumbling into a random restaurant and hoping to have the best meal of your life is a romantic idea, and sometimes it happens.

But more often than not, this kind of aimless stumbling has led me to food disappointments. Nowadays, I tend to thoroughly research and vet my food options and I have much tastier experiences this way! So, steal my foodie guide to Rome and enjoy. 

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Where to Eat in Rome, Italy

Best Coffee in Rome  

Sant’Eustachio il Caffe 

If you’re determined to find the best coffee in Rome, Sant’Eustachio il Caffe should definitely be on your list. This was the first coffee shop in Rome I ever fell in love with, many years ago on my very first visit. Theirs is the first coffee I was able to drink black — no cream, no sugar — because I found it that delicious on its own.

Every time I visit I grab bags of their coffee to bring home for myself and as gifts. They’ve recently opened a second location. Both are easy to navigate to within the city center. The original location is closer to the Pantheon and the newer location is nearer to the Trevi Fountain.

Note, you might find prices a bit steeper here than at other coffee bars. I still highly recommend a visit for coffee and as a stop for some souvenir shopping. Plus, if you’re craving an American-sized coffee with proper takeaway cups this is one of the few shops that offers it.

Caffe Roma 

restaurant with a view rome caffe roma cappuccino in front of colosseum

Another Rome coffee shop to add to your itinerary is Caffe Roma for a restaurant with a view. Rome has many beautiful viewpoints and there’s something special about having your morning cappuccino right in front of the colosseum. I personally love waking up early and beating the crowds to popular attractions while traveling, so a morning coffee with a view of the colosseum was a no-brainer.

But there are several different coffee bars and restaurants with a view of the colosseum and I not only wanted the view, I wanted a solid cappuccino as well. Many times the establishments closest to tourist sites are not the most delicious. I carefully vetted many different Google reviews and photos before deciding on Caffe Roma.

Try to arrive early to sit at one of their patio tables, the ones with the best views. The interior is lovely as well, but the music gets way too loud and fast-paced for how I prefer to start my mornings. 

Sciascia Caffe

best coffee in Rome near vatican

This one was a new find for me. I was mapping out my path to the place where I decided to get my nails done while in Rome. I had found a salon in the lovely Prati neighborhood near the Vatican, and began researching what stops I might like to make along the walk.

That’s how I learned about Sciascia caffe and their dark chocolate-lined cappuccinos — yum! The interior is a beautiful space, part chocolate shop (souvenirs!) and part coffee bar. Outside was an adorable patio. Highly recommend a visit when you’re near the Vatican. It will also get you into a part of the city where you might not otherwise have ventured. 

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L’Antico Forno di Piazza Trevi

I suppose I really have a thing for enjoying a great cup of coffee in front of historic landmarks. One of the best cappuccinos I found in Rome on my most recent trip was at this place surprisingly close to the Trevi Fountain. I always ordered two because they’re smaller than what I’m used to, then sat and enjoyed them in front of the fountain.

It’s important to note that this is a market connected to a coffee shop and eat-in area. I’m referring to the coffee shop where you can walk in and order takeaway. Be sure to first order and pay by the entrance, and then take your ticket to the counter. 

Barnum Cafe

While in Rome, I was looking for a cafe to work from for a few hours some days. The coffee culture in Rome is quite fast-paced — you order your coffee at the bar (often a quick shot of espresso), slam it and you’re on your way.

Finding a cafe within a reasonable distance from where I was staying (near Campo de Fiori)  to lounge in for hours with a laptop was not the easiest feat. But then I found Barnum Cafe.

Barnum offers a beautiful space with great food and cappuccino. They even have a space toward the back with a larger table designed for coworking. The only catch is they only allow people to work on their laptops at certain times, I believe until noon.

They want to be able to take full advantage of the lunch rush and I certainly can’t fault them for that. Besides, it was good motivation to time block and work efficiently so I could be back outside exploring the city again. 


Rome coffee shop

This became my new favorite for American-sized coffees on my latest visit to Rome. I believe there are multiple locations around the city and my favorite one is near the Spanish Steps. You can grab a delicious cappuccino or iced latte and enjoy it at the Steps.

Ai Tre Tartufi

where to eat in Rome near Piazza Navona

Similar to having a morning cappuccino with the colosseum or Trevi Fountain, you can also enjoy one with Bernini’s Fountain in Piazza Navona. Expect to pay more than your standard cup as you’re paying for location. I highly recommend visiting here early before it thickens with the crowds. 

Bar Rossana

Near my Rome Aribnb I found this quaint coffee bar and visited one evening with a friend for aperitivo. The snacks that accompanied our drinks were plentiful (be careful not to fill up before dinner) and the ambience very relaxed. 

Antico Caffe Dell’Orso

Best coffee in Rome

Shoutout to this little cash-only coffee bar across the street from my second Airbnb in Rome. It’s run by a father and his two grand-daughters and offers some pretty delicious cappuccinos and pastries.

What really stole my heart was when I ordered a couple cappuccinos to go. Takeaway coffee isn’t really a big thing in Rome, so the owner covered my two plastic cups of cappuccino with foil and then found a box to place them and my pastries in.

To him, it was maybe an odd request but he didn’t show it. Simply helped me with kindness. To me, it was charming. Very affordable place that, according to its reviews, also serves delicious pasta dishes. 

Best Bakeries in Rome 

Roscioli Caffe Pasticceria

best bakeries in Rome for maritozzo

This is known to be one of the best bakeries in Rome. It’s a small caffe with covered outdoor seating that fills up FAST. Next door is their restaurant, where you definitely need reservations in advance. And around the corner from here is a takeaway-only, larger bakery by the shared name.

This recommendation is specifically for the Roscioli Caffe Pasticceria. Go early to snag a table (if you can swing it, I recommend 7ish but definitely before 8 if you don’t want a long wait). Order the maritozzo. This is the best place (according to my research) to enjoy one of these traditional Roman pastries.

A maritozzo is a soft brioche bun filled with whipped cream, sort of like a donut and not as sweet as you’d expect. It’s light and airy — a must try. They offer mini versions as well if you prefer. Save this video tip for maritozzo in Rome here on Instagram or here on TikTok. I also enjoyed their savory breakfast items, and snagged a pretty delicious cannolo from here. 

Riccardo Taliani Banqueting

best bakeries in Rome italy

My friend discovered this wonderful place near her accommodations in the Monti neighborhood. I tried the eclairs, which were divine. They have glass pastry cases filled with delicious looking treats and it’s one of those places where you know you can’t order wrong. 


Near the Spanish Steps, you’ll find Pompi. The shop offers many different varieties of tiramisu. I ordered the berry one which was delicious, and I’d love to try their take on the original as well. 

Two Sizes

foodie guide to rome tiramisu

Another place for tiramisu, close to Piazza Navona. The concept here is takeaway tiramisu in an easy to-go cup. You can choose from two different sizes (hence, the name) and a variety of flavors, including peanut butter. I went with the original here and it was a pretty good way to get a quick tiramisu fix. Save this video tip on TikTok.

Mr. 100

On my very first night in Rome, I craved an after-dinner tiramisu. I found this place and wandered over (also near Piazza Navona) and this is where I first learned about all the different flavors of tiramisu becoming available.

In fact, Mr. 100 offers 100 different flavors! It’s also a very cute place, more like a wine bar than a dessert house. They offer wines and charcuterie as well but you’ll likely need a reservation.


gelateria in Rome fatamorgana

This became my new favorite gelato place on my latest trip. I went regularly to the same location and the flavors were constantly being rotated in and out. It’s tough to make a recommendation for flavors because I imagine they change daily, but everything I had here was delicious. I once had a chocolate mousse-type flavor here that I still think about, so if you see it don’t hesitate! 

San Crispino

A tried and true gelato option near the Trevi Fountain. My sister told me about this place — no frills, very straightforward and original. I always make sure to get the honey flavor as one of my options. 


Rome for foodies

Another new favorite gelato place that’s apparently quite well-known but I only discovered because my accommodations were nearby. This is one where you pay at the counter first and then go pick out your flavors.

Unexpectedly, the rice flavor here was one of my favorites — real grains of rice and so yummy! Also, always get the panna (whipped cream) on top. My mouth is watering thinking back to this one — highly recommend. 

Rome Restaurants, Where to Eat in Rome, Italy 


where to eat in Rome Italy food

Just, wow. Sphaeristerium definitely belongs on your Rome food guide. I feel like I found this place by mistake. I was searching around on Google maps and primarily picked this place due to a decent rating but more so because of the location and hours. When my friend and I walked in, we were a bit confused. Was the place even open? Not a soul in sight.

Eventually we figured out to head downstairs. I’m not sure what / when the upstairs is used but we went down to what felt, at the same time, like a high-end restaurant and a family establishment. At one of the white-tableclothed areas sat a group of teenage boys watching a sports game on TV. There was a huge aquarium somewhere. It was quiet and clean while also feeling familial and homey.

I don’t know how to perfectly describe it, but it felt lovely. And the wine, the food, the dessert were all divine. I had the delectable pumpkin ravioli. At the end of the night they brought us some biscotti and when they saw how much we enjoyed it they piled us up with some to take home. I look forward to visiting this hidden gem (to me, at least!) again on my next visit. 


cacio e pepe Rome food

This is a restaurant I visit on every trip to Rome. It’s consistent, delicious, well-located off a side-street near Piazza Navona. I always order the same thing, their cacio e pepe. I’ve also had dinner companions order their lasagna and fall in love with it here. I’ve also dined here solo and felt very comfortable. 

CiPASSO Bistrot

Rome food guide

For a modern take on traditional Italian food visit Cipasso Bistrot. I enjoyed a decadent solo lunch here one afternoon and had a lovely experience. I appreciated that they allowed me to order a half portion of the cacio e pepe toast as a starter so I could still have space to enjoy my truffle pasta as a main dish.

It’s a bit of a classier place but still with a casual feel. Beautiful and quiet and definitely a bit of a treat compared to the casual fare one might normally have for lunch. 

Mimi e Coco

On my last evening in Rome, some new friends joined me here for dinner. It’s actually located right across from Two Sizes. It’s a lively, cozy space with delicious food. 


I haven’t made it to Tonnarello myself yet, to my dismay, but I hear amazing things about it. It’s located in the Trastevere neighborhood and always has a line so plan accordingly. If you can, try to visit closer to when they open for lunch or dinner. This one is definitely on my list for my next visit to Rome!

Achille Al Pantheon

I was surprised by the deliciousness of my meal here because it’s located in a pretty touristy area and because it’s one of those places where the waiters really pressure you to come eat there. I went here on a Bumble BFF date and my oxtail ragu was so yummy.

The ambience wasn’t the greatest because it’s an area with tons of foot traffic and hearing the waiter behind us constantly inviting passersby to stop in for a bite was something I could’ve done without. But the service for us was great and we genuinely enjoyed the food. 

Ai Tre Scalini

cheap restaurant in Rome for foodies

A simple yet incredible place for lunch in the Monti neighborhood. Highly recommend the lasagna and the ricotta with truffle honey as a starter. 


street food in Trastevere Rome

The same Bumble BFF friend I met at the above restaurant insisted we visit this place in Trastevere one night when we were out for their meatball sandwiches. She had really hyped it up so I wasn’t honestly blown away but the owner seemed kind and it’s a good meal for when you’re out and in need of a satiating snack. 

Drink Kong

cocktails in Rome Drink Kong

This is primarily a great place for cocktails in Rome but Drink Kong definitely deserves a top spot on your foodie guide to Rome as well. One of my friends is all about visiting the world’s top-ranked cocktail bars which is how we found ourselves here.

Located in the Monti neighborhood, Drink Kong serves incredible food alongside their inventive cocktails. If you want a booth seat, reservations are recommended. But we walked in around opening time and grabbed the fun seats right at the bar. My favorite foods here were the teriyaki roll and their bao. Yum, yum! 

Forno da Milvio

best pizza al taglio rome foodie

When you visit Rome, you must have some pizza al taglio. There are many places to order this and Forno da Milvio in Monti is one of my favorites. Here, you order pizza by the piece. They offer so many different varieties and it’s fun to ask for various sizes of different pieces so you can try the options.

If you don’t speak Italian, you can point to the piece you want. Then, they’ll ask you how much of that piece you want by placing their shears on different sizes of the pizza, simply nod yes or no and they’ll cut accordingly.

Once they cut all your pieces they will heat them up and you’ll pay by weight/piece at the counter. We grabbed our boxes to go here and ate them at a nearby fountain. Quick, easy, delicious! 

Cortile della Pigna 

The Pinecone Courtyard is the cafe of the Vatican museums. It’s a space surrounded by art and greenery offering a variety of food and beverage options. In my experience it’s an especially perfect reprieve on a rainy day. 

Saltimbocca Ristorante

I ate several meals here on my recent month in Rome and I particularly enjoyed their gnocchi. It’s located on a charming, spacious street and everything I ordered here was solid. An easy choice for a casual lunch or dinner. 


If you’re looking for vegetarian or vegan food in Rome, try Ginger. While I didn’t make it here myself a friend recommended it. There’s one located right near the original Sant’Eustachio il Caffe and another near the Spanish Steps. 

Wok to Walk

It might be hard to believe but while in Rome you might want to branch away from Italian cuisine for a while to offer your palate a break. Wok to Walk is a fast-food stirfry place located in campo de fiori and is a delicious way to take a break from your usual Italian fare. 


where to eat in Rome street food

A friend I met on Bumble BFF (a different friend from the one mentioned above) took me to Trapizzino in the Trastevere neighborhood. Here, they serve Roman street food. There’s even a location in New York, these days. We ordered arancini and trapizzino which is essentially a pizza sandwich. Very hearty, filling and portable. 

La Rinascente

This recommendation is less about the food and drink and more about the view. La Rinascente is a department store located in various cities across Italy and known for its rooftop terrace eats with a view. Spend some time exploring the massive store itself and then make your way to the terrace for a drink or snack as you take in the sights. 

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