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LA Travel: The Best Solo Things to do in Los Angeles, California Alone (2024)

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Looking for fun things to do alone in Los Angeles?

When I decided to go exploring LA solo on my first visit, I was both excited and nervous. LA is huge, as everyone kept reminding me. And while that means there are plenty of fun things to do by yourself in Los Angeles it also means it has the potential to get overwhelming.

Thankfully, my 2 days in Los Angeles were smooth sailing and I know yours will be too if you follow this 2 day itinerary and guide for the best solo things to do in Los Angeles, California alone.   

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Things to do Alone in Los Angeles

Is LA good for solo travel?

Los Angeles is a perfect solo travel destination with plenty to do so you’ll never be bored.

You can go shopping, spend some time at the Santa Monica Pier, stroll along the beach, join a group tour for a Hollywood Hills hike, visit an art museum like LACMA and more.

There are plenty of fun things to do by yourself in LA, read this guide for a solo trip itinerary for Los Angeles!

Where to Stay in Los Angeles | Solo Female Travel Edition

This was one of my biggest questions as I prepared for solo female travel Los Angeles style — where should my home base be?

I was seeking somewhere sort of central and definitely walkable. Several people suggested Santa Monica and turns out, that was the perfect suggestion for my needs.

Of course, where you stay will depend on what kind of experience you want. With LA being as big as it is, I was advised to pick an area to stay where I’d want to spend a majority of my time.

This was especially important because I’d decided against renting a car. Navigating LA traffic? Not my idea of a fun vacation. 

Santa Monica is walkable, near the beach and proved close enough by rideshare to everywhere I wanted to visit similar to most cities within the United States. In my opinion, near Santa Monica Pier is one of the best places for solo travelers to stay.

Here are some Santa Monica hotels to consider for your LA solo trip:

How to Get from LAX to Santa Monica

Getting from LAX to Santa Monica was also a breeze. Because I had the time, I took a public bus and saved my rideshare dollars for later in the trip. I’m a fan of trying out the public transportation in new cities because it gives me a more genuine feel for a place.

I followed these instructions. Between those and asking some people for help as needed along the way (the bus driver couldn’t be bothered) I navigated to my final destination. 

2 Day Itinerary: Solo Female Travel Los Angeles – Day 1

If you find yourself wondering, how can I have fun in LA alone? Then read on for some ideas on how to spend a day in LA alone!

Treat Yourself to a Philz Mint Mojito

Mint Mojito Coffee at Philz Coffee LA Solo

Once you’ve arrived and freshened up at your accommodations, head to Philz Coffee on Ocean Ave for the most delicious concoction of all time — mint mojito coffee.

I’ve had my reservations and curiosities about it in equal parts ever since it first started popping up on my Instagram feed. The barista convinced me to go for it and I’ll never look back.

So glad to have a couple Philz Coffee shops in Chicago now so I can get my fix on the regular! A visit to Philz Coffee is the best way to start your day in LA.

If you’re feeling peckish, grab one of their breakfast sandwiches, toasts or pastries. Or, if it’s closer to lunch time find a place to snack along nearby Third Street Promenade. 

Sidenote: I walked from my accommodations to Philz Coffee on Ocean Ave because I walk most places when I travel. It’s doable, but if you’re not as comfortable in new cities I recommend a rideshare. 

Stroll Along Third Street Promenade

Do you enjoy shopping while traveling? Then definitely spend some time exploring Third Street Promenade.

Even if that’s not your thing you can walk down the lively outdoor mall area, rest in one of the many public chairs and listen to some live music.

If you’re hungry, pop into Gallery Food Hall and grab a bite to eat. On Tuesdays, their Azule Taqueria offers ‘Taco Tuesday’ specials. 

Visit Santa Monica’s Wednesday Farmers Market

As you can tell by its name, the big day for this market is Wednesdays (though it’s also open on weekends). Learn more about the schedule, entry points and vendors here.

The Wednesday Farmers Market has great reviews and is apparently where locals chefs go for many of their ingredients, so you’ll be shopping alongside some of the best. 

Explore Santa Monica Pier

2 Days in Los Angeles Santa Monica Pier

This small but lively amusement park is bursting with energy and great if you’re looking for chill things to do alone in Los Angeles. If you’re up for some adventure, go on some of the rides at this mini theme park.

If you’re feeling more chill, like I was, simply walk the pier and take it all in. With sounds of laughter alongside views of both sand and beach it’s the most relaxing amusement park I’ve been to!

Catch a Santa Monica Sunset 

Santa Monica Pier at Sunset things to do by yourself in Los Angeles

Settle in on the sand for a beachside sunset. There’s something special about being fully present for a California sunset and taking in the great views for a solo sunset date was one of my Dine in LA Solo at Uovo

If you prefer a dining experience that’s better suited for a solo trip to Los Angeles then head to Uovo. Not only do they fly their handmade pasta in from their kitchen in Bologna, they cater to solo diners.

You’ll be seated around a bar that looks into their kitchen, where you can watch chefs prep meals as you sip on wine and carbo-load. It’s a great way to enjoy a solo dinner. No awkwardness for the solo traveler here.

Tip: Be sure to ask what their special of the night is before ordering, as it won’t be on the menu. 

Catch a Show 

If you have more energy after dinner, consider taking in a show at The Broad Stage or Westside Comedy Theater.

There’s also no shame in heading back to your accommodations for a little TV and an early bedtime so you can avoid travel burnout! That’s the great thing about solo travel, you can always do exactly as you please.

2 Day Itinerary Los Angeles Solo Female Travel – Day 2

Join a Morning Sound Bath Beach Meditation 

There’s something so LA about participating in a wellness experience on the beach. After much research, I booked this Airbnb experience with a local.

I’d participated in an Airbnb experience in Denver before and enjoyed it, so was looking forward to this one. Unfortunately for me, there were unusually strong winds during my visit (did I bring them with me from Chicago??).

The experience was cancelled and the woman running it called me with the update while I was in my Lyft on the way over. It was either cancel, or eat sand for breakfast. Through that lens, I can make my peace with the cancellation. 

But I encourage you to book it if you’re interested in trying a similar experience. She was kind with good communication and good reviews. I’m sure the experience would have been lovely sans wind. 

Try Bulletproof Coffee

With my experience cancelled, I asked my Lyft driver to please reroute me to Bulletproof Coffee. I’d planned to go there after the meditation anyway, so I continued with the itinerary for the day.

I’d been wanting to try this high-calorie, butter-laced coffee for some time and vacation in LA was the perfect time to make it happen. They have a variety of options but as a first-timer, I opted with the most standard so I could get a true taste for it. 

My review? It was pretty delicious with a comforting texture! Would I drink it on the regular? Probably not because it’s high-calorie, high-dollar and high-effort [to make at home] but it was fun to try.  

Head to Venice Beach

Venice Beach sign 2 Day Itinerary Los Angeles

From Bulletproof Coffee I walked to Venice Beach, another of LA’s top tourist attractions. If you plug ‘Venice sign’ into Google maps it will guide you toward the perfect place to enter.

Along the way, you’ll pass the popular Abbot Kinney Blvd close enough to take a detour to check it out if you don’t mind going off track a bit. It’s a popular street lined with shops, bars, etc.

Although its one of the top things to do in LA according to several travel guides I skipped it this time around and kept making my way to Venice. 

It was still early in the day when I arrived so the boardwalk was quiet. The first skaters were warming up in the skatepark and shops were just beginning to open.

Aside from the fact that it was too early for any action at muscle beach, I couldn’t have picked a better time for me to visit Venice Beach.

I spent some time soaking in views of the sand, water, mountains and skate tricks before realizing it was time for breakfast. 

Breakfast at Flake 

Flake Venice solo La breakfast

A quick Yelp search led me to choose Flake as my breakfast spot this day. I walked over and ordered a hearty croissant sandwich that I knew at first sight would keep me full until dinner!

Visit Griffith Observatory

LA Solo Griffith Observatory

From Flake, hop an Uber or Lyft and head to this gem for sweeping views of LA from an observation deck. Griffith Observatory is one of the main attractions LA has to offer.

If you time it right, you’ll catch another sunset over this large city from up high. Sunset really is the best time to visit if you’re after stunning views.

The Observatory itself is actually a planetarium but I didn’t spend much time exploring indoors (read: I basically only went inside to charge my phone…).

Griffith Park was all about the gorgeous views for me. You can even spot and snap a picture with the iconic Hollywood sign from here. 

Psst, want to know how to capture great travel photos of yourself while traveling? Check out my secret — this tripod for your phone!

Check out Koreatown for Dinner 

Guelaguetza 2 days in los angeles

Though finding a Lyft to bring me to Griffith Observatory was easy enough, getting down was a bit trickier. Note that wifi is pretty weak up top.

There were taxis lined up to take folks down so rather than wait to try to catch a wifi signal I hopped a cab to my next destination. 

I had plans to meet friends in Koreatown for dinner. There are plenty of well-known dining options, like Park’s BBQ which came up numerous times in my research.

But in the end, we settled on Guelaguetza for Oaxcan food. With fast service and live music it did not disappoint (although we definitely over-ordered so be mindful of the big portions!).

Afterwards, we went to Sul & Beans for dessert (amazing, you cannot go wrong). 

Conclusion: Los Angeles Solo Female Travel Itinerary | Things to do Alone in Los Angeles

There are plenty of solo things to do in Los Angeles. LA is huge so while you certainly won’t see it all with only 2 days in Los Angeles you can make a bit of a dent with this 2 day itinerary.

Los Angeles has plenty to offer, and I’m providing a few more suggestions below.

Have 3 days in Los Angeles or more? Want to swap out one of the activities above for something more your speed?

Check out these additional ideas for places to go alone in Los Angeles:

  • Los Angeles County Museum of Art / LACMA (you’ve likely seen artsy photos of their lamp posts on Instagram)
  • Hollywood Walk of Fame / Hollywood Boulevard
  • Rodeo Drive
  • Chinese Theatre
  • Beverly Hills
  • Getty Center
  • Universal Studios Hollywood

Staying in California a bit longer? If you end up along Big Sur definitely plan a stop at Nepenthe Restaurant. The food is alright and the views are incredible. 

Visiting San Diego or San Jose while you’re in the area? Those guides will provide a jumpstart for your additional California-cation planning.

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