cheap places to travel in the world

27 Cheap Places to Travel in the World

Looking for cheap places to travel in the world? Join the club! Hans Christian Andersen wrote:

“To move, to breathe, to fly, to float,
To gain all while you give,
To roam the roads of lands remote,
To travel is to live.”

That’s all well and good, but paying rent, student loans, saving for retirement, etc are also life-sustaining musts! Still, the allure of travel is tough to ignore and with increasingly cheap flights the pull to do it is stronger than ever. But where to go? Just because flights to a destination are affordable doesn’t mean the destination itself won’t cost you a pretty penny.

To help the budget traveler choose wisely, I’ve rounded up some of the cheap places to travel in the world according to experienced travel bloggers. Take a look! Which city or country is calling out to your wanderlusting soul?

Cheap Travel Destinations for Affordable Holidays

All dollar amounts are listed in USD



Latvia cheapest countries to travel in Europe

Being one of the most expensive continents there is, Europe still has a few gems for those looking for affordable and under-the-radar destinations. One of them is Latvia, one of the Baltic Republics.
Just back from this amazing country, I am here to tell you why it deserves a spot on this list of budget-friendly countries to visit. Base your explorations in Riga, where a private single room with en-suite bathroom will set you back as little as $22 per night and a nice meal around $10. The number of gems you can visit from Riga as your home base is worthwhile as well.
For lovers of the great outdoors, Kemeri (pictured here) and Gauja National Park are less than 2 hours away. Fans of Northern European villages will find Liepaja, Sigulda and Jurmala incredibly charming. And foodies can travel around the world without leaving the capital, or its amazing Central Market for that matter. If you want more ideas, check out this list of fun things to do in Latvia and start planning your Latvian adventures now.
–Inma and Jose, A World to Travel


Poland cheap places to travel in the world

If you want to visit a well-developed country with delicious food, sandy beaches, thousands of lakes and high mountains you should definitely add Poland to your bucket list!
Poland has a lot to offer to any kind of traveler. You can discover the local (and worldwide) history and culture in such impressive cities as Warsaw, Gdańsk, Wrocław, Kraków and Poznań. Or dive into small local communities and cities with their own stories to tell, like Gdynia, Toruń, Zakopane or Bydgoszcz.
Any place you choose you’ll be surprised by the modern elements and economy mixed up with the old-time architecture and history. Poland has plenty of natural and cultural attractions so you won’t get bored. Moreover, this country is still a surprisingly affordable destination.
Depending on exact location, you can spend around $20-50 for cozy accommodation and $6-15 on delicious food (with cheapest eats in traditional “milk bars”). Usually, city buses cost around $1-2, and intercity trains start at $12.
Exact prices may vary but, nonetheless, in Poland you can successfully travel on a budget.


Bulgaria cheap places to travel in the world

Bulgaria not only delivers fabulous fresh food, very cost-effective public transport and decent roads for self-drivers but also stunning scenery. You can visit the extremely cosmopolitan cities of Plovdiv and Sofia or take in the cheapest ski resort in Europe – Bansko in the Pirin Mountains. If beaches are your thing, then Sunny Beach on the Black Sea is the cheapest beach resort in Europe.

You can find hostels here for $8 a night and hotels for $11 a night. Get a great dinner for two, including wine or beer, for $20. A 5-hour train journey costs as little as $5.

Visit in the off season and you can stay in 5-star hotels for as little as $38 a night. You can take in a Mediterranean outdoor café lifestyle with amazing architecture and history in the city of Plovdiv. If you like the outdoors, then head to Bansko outside of ski season for hiking, a great system of mountain huts, outdoor adventures and incredible free music festivals await. The area is also famous for the healing (and relaxing) powers of the thermally heated pools in the area – check in with locals to find the free ones in the mountains, too!

–Sarah, A Social Nomad

Bosnia and Herzegovina + Sarajevo

Bosnia cheap places to travel in the world

Bosnia and Herzegovina, together with the capital, Sarajevo, are part of the most amazing welcoming, inclusive and affordable places to visit in the Balkan countries.

We visited both cities in July 2019 for 18 days. For a couple traveling independently and staying in short-term private accommodation (not hotels) with kitchen facilities, visiting major tourist attractions and traveling via public transport, the costs were just under $30 per person per day.

One of the biggest benefits of visiting Sarajevo in particular is the ability to observe the melting pot of different ethnic and religious groups working, living and interacting alongside each other. In this one city alone, travel shows how people can get along with each other peacefully.

–Paul, Minimalist Journeys

While you’re in the area, check out nearby Croatia! But beware these 12 mistakes to avoid in Dubrovnik and Split!


Belgrade, Serbia cheapest places to travel in the world

One of the cheapest places to visit in Europe is Belgrade, Serbia. Serbia has had a rough past and coming back from it economically has taken some time. Therefore, despite being a beautiful city and travel destination, the prices of everything are very cheap.

It costs only around $50 per day to stay, eat and explore Belgrade and that’s with a luxury hotel and eating meals and snacks throughout the day. Everyone should consider visiting this hidden gem of Europe to experience a beautiful Balkan city that offers more than meets the eyes.

Samantha, Sam Sees World


Albania cheapest places to travel in the world
One of the most affordable places I’ve ever traveled to is Albania. It is even more affordable than the rest of the Balkans, a famously affordable region to travel to already. You can experience the same Adriatic beaches here that inspire so many to visit Greece and Croatia but at a fraction of the price.
Backpackers who want to stay in hostels and eat in shared kitchens can easily enjoy a trip to Albania for under $40 per day. Though I prefer to enjoy a more mid-range trip to Albania and spend closer to $50-60 per day, staying in private hotels and enjoying Albania’s inexpensive but delicious cuisine.
While I love the Albanian Riviera, there are many fabulous places to visit in Albania, from Saranda to Berat to Tirana. You won’t run out of amazing things to do here!
— Stephanie, Sofia Adventures


Kosovo affordable places to travel in the world

Kosovo is one of the most affordable destinations in Europe and in the world.  For a full meal, it can cost a mere $3-6 and a hotel can cost as little as under $25.

It’s not only one of the most affordable Balkan countries but it’s also one that packs the most punch with incredible towns like Prizren and Gjakova to visit, the vibrant capital of Prishtina and mouth-watering food like sujuk!

You will also be blown away by the hospitality of the locals as Kosovo has some of the friendliest people in the world. Don’t be surprised that your trip may work out even cheaper than originally thought as the locals will most likely not let you pay for your coffee, that’s how friendly they are!

— Anita, Traveling Balkans 


Macedonia cheap countries to travel in Europe

Macedonia is the hidden gem of the Balkans. With its lively culture, delicious food, picturesque villages and rich history, it’s a destination that will please any traveler who loves stepping off the beaten track. Lake Ohrid, found on the Albanian border is popular for sailing, paragliding, and for culture vultures who want to visit some of the 365 churches found in the small city. The capital Skopje has a modern facade but if you visit Matka Canyon, you can hike or enjoy the watersports on offer for a very affordable price.
Average costs:
• Cost of hostel: $10 per night
• Cost of hotel: $30 per night
• Cost of meal out: $4
• Cost of a beer/: $1.35
• Overall approx cost per day: $25-45

Camino de Santiago

Camino de Santiago cheapest countries to travel in Europe

Sure, Europe is not the cheapest place to travel through. But there are ways to explore some European countries on a tight budget, visit popular tourist destinations, go off the beaten track and stay fit at the same time.

Walking the Camino de Santiago, a popular pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, is one of the cheapest ways of traveling through Europe — mainly France, Spain and Portugal. There are several well-marked routes to Santiago that you can walk or cycle. The Camino can be done for under $25 per person per day, which is very cheap compared to the cost of traveling in this part of Europe in the more traditional way.

What makes the Camino so affordable is the accommodations along the way. There are special hostels for “pilgrims” called albergues. Some are run by the local municipalities and those are the cheapest, averaging $6-8 per person for a bunk bed. Most albergues also have a kitchen travelers can cook in, significantly reducing the cost compared to eating out. 

Walking the Camino itself is free and open to anybody. All you need is a pilgrim’s passport that you can get at albergues or pilgrim’s offices for free. There are longer and shorter routes to choose from, and those who don’t have much time can walk part of any Camino route they like. Some routes go along the ocean, some through the mountains and forests, some past major cities and historic towns. Walking the Camino is a great way to explore France, Spain and Portugal on a tight budget and to meet new people from all over the world.

–Campbell & Alya, Stingy Nomads



Bali cheap places to travel in Asia

Bali might be known as a paradise island but that doesn’t mean it comes with a hefty price tag. Bali is actually one of the cheapest destinations we’ve ever visited and is one of the few places where people traveling on a tight budget can experience the same places as honeymooners and luxury travelers.

Unlike many other countries, you can still see the best of Bali – the waterfalls, beaches, temples and volcanoes – without having to spend a fortune, nor staying in grungy accommodations! Many Bali activities, such as the waterfalls and rice terraces, are under $2 so your Bali itinerary will be action packed as well as inexpensive. 

If you choose to eat at Warungs (local restaurants), stay in homestays and stick to visiting Bali’s natural wonders independently as opposed to on tours, you can travel for less than $20 per person per day. Even a mid-range traveller can get a really nice hotel room, restaurant dining and activities for $30-35 per day.

— Cat & Joe, Walk My World

Siem Reap

Siem Reap, Cambodia cheap destinations in Asia
Photo by binh dang nam on Unsplash
You’d be remiss to swing by Siem Reap on your way to visit Angkor Wat without giving the city the attention it deserves. Siem Reap does require a little scratching off the surface to truly unveil itself as a fantastic budget destination. But, it’s a town full of incredible social projects, cheap eats at endless vegan restaurants and amazing pool-side hotels. A day in Siem Reap shouldn’t set you back more than $30-40, with meals averaging between $5 -10 and accommodation around $25.
On top of that, you can get pampered with hour-long massages for under $10 and ride tuk-tuks around town for under $5. Siem Reap is a bit of a secret hotbed for digital nomads and yogis on a budget: a place where you’ll find all the health, wellness, yoga and veganism you were dreaming of finding in Indonesia but couldn’t really afford there. For those who know where to look, Siem Reap is the place to go for unlimited tofu nuggets at only $2, and some of the cheapest yoga retreats in Southeast Asia.
–Amélie, Mostly Amelie


Laos cheapest country to travel in Asia

Laid-back, scenic and full of incredible food and culture, Laos is one hell of a destination. Visit the capital city of Vientiane, where you’ll find a ton of golden, ornate temples; Vang Vieng where the countryside is full of sweet farming villages, lagoons, viewpoints and waterfalls, and Luang Prabang, a spectacular little city where French charm and Laotian culture intertwine beautifully.

Between $20-35 a day is a reasonable budget. The lower end of this will get you a dorm in a backpacker hostel, delicious street food and enough to spare for some sightseeing. The higher end of the budget will see you comfortably through your own private room, including much needed AC, along with good food and some activities.

If you visit Laos as a backpacker, or even as a mid-range traveller, you really will be hard-pressed to spend a lot.

El Nido

El Nido affordable places to travel cheap destinations in Asia

El Nido, a cluster of 45 islands located on the northern tip of Palawan, may be growing in popularity, but you can still travel here on a budget. You can take a bus from Puerto Princesa to El Nido for approximately $15 or you can fly from Puerto Princesa for about $40.

Additionally, there are hotels for every budget, as low as $25-50 a night. For a meal at a local Filipino restaurant, you can expect to spend around $5-10. As far as activities go, we highly recommend spending money on the island hopping tours. They range from roughly $30-45 for an entire day trip.

If you can make it work, the islands of El Nido are 100% worth it – they are some of the most beautiful and magical islands we’ve ever visited that offer plenty to see and do.

Hannah and Adam, Getting Stamped


Inda cheapest country

India is undoubtedly one of the cheapest countries in the world for budget travelers. Depending on how many creature comforts you’re willing to forgo, you can get by here for next to nothing. The cheapest accommodation can cost as little as $3 a night, although this is usually a bare guesthouse room with a smelly squat toilet, so you might want to spend a couple of dollars extra for a bit more comfort.

You can enjoy delicious restaurant meals for just a couple dollars, and if you stick to vegetarian and vegan Indian dishes it will be even cheaper. One major expense to keep in mind, though, is entrance fees at tourist sites. India has a dual pricing system, which means that foreigners pay much more than locals, usually about $7 per site.

At the very low end, you could spend as little as $10 per day here, although a budget of $15-20 will make your stay much more comfortable. These low prices mean your money will last much longer here than it would when traveling in other countries. Which is great, because you’re going to want at least a few weeks to see even the main highlights of India!

It’s a vast and culturally diverse country that has much to offer. The Taj Mahal is the most famous attraction, but you should also visit the deserts of Rajasthan, the backwaters of Kerala and the many Mughal sights in Delhi and other northern cities.

–Wendy, The Nomadic Vegan


Goa cheapest countries to travel to from India

Every year a lot of people visit Goa not just because of its beaches, sunsets and parties but also because it is one of the cheapest place to visit in India. You can get by for only $10 a day, including food and accommodations. You can rent a scooter and drive all around Goa, enjoying the beautiful landscape and watch the locals tending to their spice farms. If you have kids with you there are many fun and cheap activities for them, too. Another perk? The booze is cheaper than a bottle of water at the airport!
–Shalini, Eager2Travel


Nepal mountains cheap places to travel in the world

A country filled with beautiful landscapes, friendly people, fine food, unique experiences and a wonderful mix of different languages and cultures, Nepal is considered the land of peace and spirituality. It is generally a safe country to visit and the best part is that it is easy on the pocket.

The country is not only one of the cheapest places to travel in Asia, but in the world. The daily average cost for a visit is around $30. This includes accommodations, food and sightseeing. Should you wish to enjoy a little bit of luxury by staying in fancier hotels or dining out, even $10 more will go a long way. Trekking in Nepal is a sure highlight of any visit and comes highly recommended.


Kyrgyzstan cheap destinations in Asia

Kyrgyzstan, a country known for its vast mountains and nomadic tribes in Central Asia is probably one of the most affordable countries in Asia. Staying in guesthouses or even hostels will set you back by $12, and on average a meal costs only $3.

Beyond that, activities from trekking in Kyrgyzstan, to staying in yurts and booking a guide are between $10-15 per person making this one of the most affordable and up-and-coming adventure destinations in Asia.

–Pashmina, The Gone Goat


Uzbekistan unique cheap places to travel in the world

An ancient silk road city with beautiful Islamic architecture, delicious food and friendly people is what defines Uzbekistan. Since 2019 most nationalities can visit Uzbekistan without a visa making this one of the best budget destinations to visit.

It is possible to travel in Uzbekistan for $30 a day including food and accommodations. A meal in a basic restaurant costs around $5, and a double room is available for less than $20 per night.

In Uzbekistan you pay little, but get lots in return. Travel back in time in the desert city of Khiva, wander through the ancient streets of Bukhara and marvel at the Registan square in Samarkand. These cities are full of history and top tourist attractions that are well worth a visit.

–Ellis, Backpack Adventures



Tanzania Africa cheap places to travel in the world
Tanzania is a gorgeous country with a lot to offer. Accommodation costs about $5 per day and you can get amazing east African food for about $5-10.
Besides, there is a lot to do. From amazing white sand beaches on Zanzibar that resemble paradise, to plenty of safari options. It is actually safaris that might be the most pricey activity here, but even then there are some budget options. Ultimately, Tanzania a perfect budget destination with plenty to do for everyone.


Egypt Africa cheapest country

If you’re looking to feel as though you’ve been transported to another world (on a budget), there’s no place quite like the land of the Pharaohs — Egypt! Even though there was a recent devaluation of the Egyptian pound, Egypt as a whole for foreigners still remains a very budget-friendly destination where you can comfortably travel around and make your money travel even further.

Egypt is a destination almost everyone has on their bucket list, and for good reason. Visit for the Ancient Egyptian monuments alone, from the Pyramids and the Sphinx to the Valley of the Kings or the Temple of Karnak. These are truly jaw-dropping Egyptian places that you won’t see anywhere else.

While Egypt has experienced some recent turbulence, with stability returning tourism is on the rise again and there’s no better time to visit Egypt then now! Imagine having the last remaining wonder of the world, the Great Pyramids, (almost) all to yourself! Or picture yourself sailing down the Nile as you visit temples you’ve only seen in movies.

In a given day you could expect to spend about $1 for a filling bowl of the beloved national Egyptian dish (and famous street food) koshary. Then wash down your dinner with a delicious local sugar cane juice for just $0.50. Egypt is a very backpacker-friendly destination with options for all kinds of affordable luxuries. You could travel around Egypt very comfortably for around $70 USD per day (even less if you forego the a Pyramid-view hotel, by why would you?).

–Monica, Ahlan Monica

South America


Colombia cheap places to travel in the world

Colombia was once upon a time one of the most dangerous countries in the world due to its drug crimes. However, nowadays, it has become a top tourist destination, especially for backpackers and travelers looking for a cheap destination. Budget travelers can easily find hostel accommodation for less than $10 a night and meals for less than $5. In total, a budget traveler would not spend more than $25-30 per day.

Though a cheap country, Colombia is filled with amazing places to see. My personal favorite is Tayrona National Park. Located on the Caribbean coast and surrounded by forest, it looks like a place from a fantasy. Take some time and camp in Tayrona national park to reconnect with nature, it is one of the best ways to spend your vacation!

–Sean, Living out Lau


Cartagena cheap places to travel

Record-high dollar exchange rates make Cartagena, Colombia a terrific budget destination to visit.
You can eat and drink very well from $50 a day. For accommodations, a nicer hotel will run you about $100 a day, but cheaper hotels can be had for as little as $30.
Besides being affordable, Cartagena also has beautiful colonial architecture, nearby beautiful beaches and makes a great gateway to visit the rest of Colombia’s Caribbean coast.


Peru Machu Picchu cheap places to travel in the world

One of the cheapest countries I have visited is Peru in South America. If you choose to eat the “Menu del dia” for lunch or dinner which is normally a Peruvian dish, including starter, drink and sometimes a dessert, this will normally cost you between $3-5.

Accommodations are also a lot cheaper in Peru. You can get dorm beds for around $4, a private room for $10 and a really nice hotel for around $40.

There are so many reasons to visit Peru, there is so much to see and do. If you enjoy history and ruins then you have to visit Machu Picchu. If you enjoy surfing, then visit Huanchaco in the northern part of the country. Or, if hiking is your thing, then visit Huaraz for some of the best multi-day hikes.

–Clare, Travels in Peru

North America

US National Parks

US National Parks free days 2020

The United States National Parks are some of the most beautiful places on Earth! And you can see all of that beauty for free if you plan ahead. You can visit Old Faithful in Yellowstone, see the Grand Canyon, hike Glacier National Park and see El Capitan and Half Dome in Yosemite, all for less than the price of a gumball! How? Well, you plan to see the natural beauty on one of the National Park free entry days!
Each year,the National Park system designates free entry days to celebrate Holidays and special events. 
Visit a National Park on these dates and all you’ll have to pay for is transportation and lodging! A small price to pay to see these natural wonders.
–Zach & Julie, Ruhls of the Road


Mexico cheapest country to travel in the world

Mexico is by far one of the cheapest destinations in the entire world. Although the costs can vary depending on your exact location (it is a big country after all), you should be able to get by on less than $40-50 a day throughout most inland destinations. This is due to the fact that it’s incredibly easy to find well-appointed hostels for around $10 a night. Most of these hostels also offer free breakfast, which can help to further reduce the costs associated with traveling in Mexico. Food and transportation are similarly affordable as long as you don’t fall for the tourist traps.

Aside from being extremely affordable, Mexico is also a great travel destination due to its rich culture, colorful cities and fascinating archaeological sites. Anyone who visits Mexico will be able to enjoy incredibly diverse attractions without breaking their budget.

–Michael, Passport Explored

Central America


Guatemala cheap countries to travel to
Guatemala has something to offer to any kind of traveler: beautiful colonial cities, volcanoes, ancient ruins in the middle of the jungle, waterfalls and beaches. But it’s not only a country with a lot of variety, it’s also a pretty cheap destination.
With accommodations starting at around $10 for a single room and dinner starting around $3.50, it can easily compete with Southeast Asia.

–Laura, Laura Wanders

El Salvador

El Salvador cheap places to travel in North America

When looking for affordable destinations to visit, one country many people overlook is El Salvador. With its easy access from the USA and its national currency being the US dollar, what’s not to like?

You can get a meal for less than $5, and accommodation start at around $12 per night. You’ll quickly see that El Salvador is paradise for anyone who is willing to discover it and, best of all, you won’t have to worry about your spending budget.

–Daniel, Layer Culture 

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