Future of Cruising

The Future of Cruising With Celebrity Edge

If you keep up with me on Instagram, you know that a couple weeks ago I was living it up in Miami. It was my first time there and I LOVED it — more posts to come about Miami eats and things to do. But, the main reason for my visit was to witness the reveal of Celebrity Cruises’ latest project, Celebrity Edge. Though I’ve yet to experience a cruise for myself, I’m now convinced the future of cruising is here and I hope to hail a ship soon!

The Edge, which will make her sailing debut from her home port in Fort Lauderdale in 2018, is a transformational addition to the line of Celebrity cruise ships. The star-studded, initial reveal of the luxury ship included appearances by top-tier architects and designers, including Kelly Hoppen (London designer), Tom Wright (world-renowned architect) and Nate Berkus (American interior designer).

If you’re like me, you would like your cruise experience to feel both comfortable and deeply connected to the ocean. Nothing dampens the vibe than cramped spaces or a keen awareness of the heavy steel that physically separates you from the water.

After spending a day exploring the 3D renderings of the Edge and hopping on board for a quick tour via VR, here’s why I can’t wait for this ship to set sail and rein in the future of cruising:

Magic Carpet Rides

Future of Cruising
Magic Carpet

Nothing feels less luxurious than waiting in a narrow line to be shuffled along onto a transport boat to get to shore. This was the problem the ship’s team set out to solve that eventually led, after many iterations, to the invention of the “magic carpet.” First of its kind, the magic carpet is a multifunctional platform that literally ascends and descends along the side of the Edge. It is a specialty restaurant under the stars when it offers “Dinner on the Edge” on deck 16. It’s an open-air extension of the pool area on deck 14, or an al-fresco dining experience on deck 5. Best of all, it is a dignified tendering platform when lowered to deck 2. For me, it was especially fascinating to hear Richard Fain (Royal Caribbean’s CEO and chairman) talk us through the thought process that led to this innovation.

Smarter Service

future of cruising
Surreal Ship

I love having technology at my fingertips, especially when traveling. Whether in a group or solo, traveling with technology puts me at ease by giving me a bit of control over my experiences in new places. With tools such as Amazon Echo, we’re in the era of smart homes. Celebrity Edge is sailing full steam ahead toward the future of cruising with smart ships. Passengers of the Edge will be able to control things like lighting, temperature, morning wake up settings, drink delivery, offshore itinerary planning via smartphones. Sign me up!

Noteworthy Design

future of cruising
Stateroom with Infinite Veranda

When I travel, I seek to connect with my surroundings. I crave fresh perspectives and new sights. While the traditional cruise ship may feel cramped or easily remind you of your separation from the ocean, the Edge changes all of that. Hoppen’s design flair, and the fact that she is a first-time cruise ship designer, makes the Edge look more like a luxury home than a ship. The Edge’s revolutionary Staterooms with Infinite Veranda will provide open-air access to the ocean with the touch of a button, and the sleek design will drastically reduce the feeling of separation from the water. As an avid Instagrammer (aren’t we all?), I am all about the views. If you opt for an Iconic Suite you’ll have better views than the captain himself! The entire mission behind this ship was to push limits to the Edge in every sense, and from what we’ve seen so far, it’s sure to deliver.

While the first cruise doesn’t set sail until December 16 of 2018, Celebrity Edge is already accepting bookings through its site. I recommend the Stateroom with Infinite Veranda, but no matter your pick you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience on the first cruise ship of its kind.

Are you an avid cruise-goer or eager first-timer? Share your thoughts about the Celebrity Edge and the future of cruising in the comments below!

*Note: A version of this article originally ran on The Citylane blog


Future of Cruising