Why You Should Visit A Destination More Than Once

If you’ve kept up with my travels in any way, you may have noticed a pattern. While I visited many different destinations during my year living abroad, there are several cities I’ve frequented more religiously over the years. It’s tempting, for sure, to visit new places. There’s SO much I want to see. Yet, inevitably, I find myself repeatedly booking flights to cities I’m already quite familiar with. Read more “Why You Should Visit A Destination More Than Once”

The Future of Cruising With Celebrity Edge

If you keep up with me on Instagram, you know that a couple weeks ago I was living it up in Miami. It was my first time there and I LOVED it — more posts to come about Miami eats and things to do. But, the main reason for my visit was to witness the reveal of Celebrity Cruises’ latest project, Celebrity Edge. Though I’ve yet to experience a cruise for myself, I’m now convinced the future of cruising is here and I hope to hail a ship soon!

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3 Immediate Ways to Cope with Travel Burnout

Have you ever experienced travel burnout — feeling overextended or uninspired while on a longer-than-average trip? While I haven’t been on the road for months (or even weeks), on day 11 of this trip yesterday, I was there.

I left Chicago for Houston on Thursday (3/2) and spent four days seeing old friends and students, celebrating a wedding and eating all my favorite foods. From there, work took me to Austin for a week to experience the awesome SXSWedu conference.

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The 9-Step Guide to Making Friends Abroad

I can’t remember the last time I felt so physically terrified. My heart was ready to beat straight out of my chest, my phone poised to slip free of my sweaty palms. It took everything I had to not back out, not to walk right past my destination.

That’s how I knew this experience would be worth something. Isn’t that the way it goes? Truly, my tried and true mantra was resonating in my mind, battling the rush of my heart.

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5 Signs You Were Made for Solo Travel

Ah, the solo traveler – fearless, wise and free. She is someone who breaks society’s rules to fulfill her own zest for adventure. For some, there is nothing more liberating than the idea of venturing out to explore the unknown alone. For others, there is nothing more terrifying.

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