A Day in New York City [Part 3]

Welcome to the final installment of our ‘Day in New York City’ series! Last year, I finally made it to the Big Apple for a three-day weekend (courtesy of a work trip, extended). I’ve recapped the first couple days of the trip here and here. Now, how we spent our final day in New York City!

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A Day in New York City [Part 1]

Last year around this time, I took my first trip to NYC. Living abroad, everyone I met seemed enamored with the Big Apple and someday visiting the iconic city. I realized, then, that I’d seen more of Europe than the states and have been actively working to balance the scales. So, when the opportunity to visit New York City came up through work I was thrilled for the opportunity. We decided to tack on a weekend to explore the city and over the next few weeks, I’ll share our experience in this ‘A Day in New York City’ series. Enjoy!  Read more “A Day in New York City [Part 1]”