From Parma to Table with Parmigiano Reggiano

What do you do when you get the itch to travel, but can’t immediately act on it? I’m lucky enough to be taking trips every few months, but with wedding planning and saving our next big trip won’t be until our honeymoon.

When I start to feel that familiar itch, I make an extra effort to explore Chicago. Or, I turn to food. Not in an emotional disaster kind of way, but with exploration as my aim.

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Italian Cooking in Rome

On a hot Italian day, we awoke with anticipation for the experience ahead. Having spent a solid week eating our way through some of the most delicious carbs we’d ever encountered, this was the day we’d learn to cook up our own. In all of my trips to Italy, I’d never once participated in an Italian cooking class, which seems absurd to me now. If you ask either of us, we’ll be quick to tell you that the LivItaly cooking course we took in Rome was the highlight of our two weeks abroad.  Read more “Italian Cooking in Rome”

Why You Should Visit A Destination More Than Once

If you’ve kept up with my travels in any way, you may have noticed a pattern. While I visited many different destinations during my year living abroad, there are several cities I’ve frequented more religiously over the years. It’s tempting, for sure, to visit new places. There’s SO much I want to see. Yet, inevitably, I find myself repeatedly booking flights to cities I’m already quite familiar with. Read more “Why You Should Visit A Destination More Than Once”

Cappuccino l Foodie Find

Hi friend, today’s Foodie Friday post features one of my favorite Italian drinks — cappuccino. Did you know you’re not meant to drink cappuccino past 11:00 a.m.? Of course, we broke this rule at least once while in Italy.

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