Italian Cooking in Rome

On a hot Italian day, we awoke with anticipation for the experience ahead. Having spent a solid week eating our way through some of the most delicious carbs we’d ever encountered, this was the day we’d learn to cook up our own. In all of my trips to Italy, I’d never once participated in an Italian cooking class, which seems absurd to me now. If you ask either of us, we’ll be quick to tell you that the LivItaly cooking course we took in Rome was the highlight of our two weeks abroad.  Read more “Italian Cooking in Rome”

5 Breathtaking Views of the Eiffel Tower

As much as it’s associated with love, Valentine’s Day always seems to be one of our more divisive holidays — singles vs couples, romantic love vs friendships. While the origins of the day are dark, the underlying message of love still holds true and that’s what matters. Especially now, when fear and judgement are rampant, I’d argue that love in any form is not to be balked at.

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