A Day in New York City [Part 3]

Welcome to the final installment of our ‘Day in New York City’ series! Last year, I finally made it to the Big Apple for a three-day weekend (courtesy of a work trip, extended). I’ve recapped the first couple days of the trip here and here. Now, how we spent our final day in New York City!

A Day in New York City

By this point in our trip, I realized how impossible it would be to see all of NYC over a long weekend (more of a reason to go back!) but that didn’t stop us from exploring as much as we could while there.

On our third day, we met a couple of my friends from the Fulbright program for brunch at Jack’s Wife Freda. Then, we hopped on the subway to make our way to Central Park. We had every intention of swinging by Levain Bakery to pick up their famous cookies on the way, but the line was WAY too long. Next time!

We spent several hours alternating between sitting and wandering through as much of Central Park as we could. Who knew just how incredibly ginormous this place would be?! I could spend an entire day exploring it.

day in new york city

But, we had places to be. Imtiaz had booked us on a surprise sunset bout tour! We made our way to the docks, taking time to walk along the High Line first.

day in new york city

At this point, we’d been walking for hours and were ready to sit back and relax on the boat tour. We went through Circle Line Cruises, and had a great experience.

After the cruise, we spent our final night in Times Square. We opted for dinner at Carmine’s and, ravenous as we were, were unable to finish the smaller portion of lasagna. Definitely go with a bigger group for this one.

As you can imagine, my first trip to NYC was a success and I can’t wait for the next time. New York is a destination that will feel new each time, since I already know my itinerary will look completely different the next time around.

Have you been to NYC? I’d love to hear your recommendations for my next trip to the Big Apple!

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A Day in New York City

39 thoughts on “A Day in New York City [Part 3]

  1. I’ve never been to NYC. I’ve always been too intimidated by it all. I need to get there though! Thanks for the encouraging pictures.

  2. One time I thought I’d try and walk the length of Central Park, I gave that up pretty quickly – it’s so huge! Sounds like your last day was a perfect mix of chilling, seeing the sights and walking everywhere but you’ll definitely have to go back 😉

  3. Never been to NYC earlier as the hustle bustle keeps pushing me away further. However, your pictures seems to depict a relatively calm environment! I’m thinking of changing my mind and visiting the plac what everyone keeps raving about =)

  4. My first overseas trip was to NY. I remember the feeling of walking through the streets on Manhattan for the first time. I loved it! I would love to return sometime!

  5. It’s funny. My family is from New York, so I’ve never loved the idea of vacationing there. But there really is so much beauty in the city.

  6. I’ve always thought that New York was just another big city. I didn’t expect to see green spaces and parks. Loved reading your post. Hope I can make it there some day!

  7. I love that you captured some of the green spaces in NYC! Yes, the immense glass skyscrapers are impressive, but spending time in peaceful areas is a necessary part of the Big Apple experience.

    1. It was interesting to check out, came highly recommended. I was way too exhausted to fully enjoy it so I recommend going when you’re in the mood for a good walk:)

  8. Great blog post! I was wondering what you got to ride the subway? Going for my first time at the end of October with my mom and she’s scared we’ll be unsafe there. But I hear it’s faster than taxi or Uber. We are walking a TON, but we also need to get to and from our hotel from a longer distance sometimes, as I’ve made a plan:-) any advice would be GREAT!

    1. Hi Christina, sorry for the delay! We only took the subway a few times, usually when we were going from one side of the city to the other. Otherwise, we stuck with ubers. I am sure the subway is fine at night but for comfort/safety I’d probably also stick with ubers the later it gets.

      Aside from that, just be alert as always and you should be good. Enjoy your trip!

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