A Day in New York City [Part 1]

a day in new york city

Last year around this time, I took my first trip to NYC. Living abroad, everyone I met seemed enamored with the Big Apple and someday visiting the iconic city. I realized, then, that I’d seen more of Europe than the states and have been actively working to balance the scales. So, when the opportunity to visit New York City came up through work I was thrilled for the opportunity. We decided to tack on a weekend to explore the city and over the next few weeks, I’ll share our experience in this ‘A Day in New York City’ series. Enjoy! 

A Day in New York City

We arrived on late on a Friday morning and braved the traffic to the Lower East Side, where we’d be staying, to drop off our bags.

Our first stop was straight to Liberty Island. We grabbed a quick lunch from a gyro cart near our Airbnb before rushing to catch our early afternoon ferry to see the Statue of Liberty. It was incredible to see Lady Liberty up close, and I especially enjoyed the nearby Sculpture Garden. We’d purchased our tickets to the island online ahead of time, and recommend you do the same, here.

I’d seen pictures of this soft serve on Instagram and knew I had to try it. Milk Bar Bakery is behind this concoction said to taste “just like the milk at the bottom of a bowl of cornflakes.” Verdict? It does, but I learned that I don’t particularly enjoy cereal-milk-flavored soft serve. It’s definitely a unique treat worth trying, but for me it was more fun to look at than to eat!

We did A LOT of walking and there was something new to see around every corner. St. Patrick’s Cathedral was one of my favorite sights — an unexpected slab of intricate beauty in the midst of a bustling city street.

My boyfriend is a huge 30 Rock fan and got me into the show as well, so we had to swing by Rockefeller Plaza. We sat here for a bit to rest our feet before continuing the day’s adventures.

Before we strolled into Times Square (me for the first time) we had to swing by Hershey’s Chocolate World! Want a chocolate bar bigger than your head, nay, your torso? Here. Go here.

Ah, Times Square — an image the world fantasizes about. When I first saw London’s Piccadilly Circus I imagined Times Square would be similar, but this was certainly on a larger scale. We sat here for a bit to take it all in and, if I’m being honest, I couldn’t stop thinking about the massive waste of electricity…Anyone else?

Ambitious as we were, we had decided to knock off the most touristy items on our agenda in one day. So, right around sunset we headed to the Empire State Building for some sprawling city views. Again, buy your tickets ahead of time if you can.

Food is a big part of any trip we take, and there was plenty of pizza involved on this trip. These slices from Joe’s Pizza were on point and everything we needed to top off a long first day. We enjoyed them seated on the small bench out front, watching the street produce vendors wrap up for the day.

Our first day in NYC was definitely a success. Tune in next week for day two!

A Day in NYC

7 thoughts on “A Day in New York City [Part 1]

  1. This is perfect! My niece and I are heading to NYC, but only have one afternoon (we are leaving for a cruise the next day). We probably want to do Times Square and Empire State building.

  2. New York in one day is like skimming the surface. But to your credit, you managed to cover a lot. I would like to spend at the least a week in New York, which hopefully I think is enough to get close to the city and its varied culture.

  3. That was a lot of walking. NYC has so much to see that we should stay for at least a couple of weeks. Now I’ll be looking forward for the next days posts on you NY visit.

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