A Day in New York City [Part 2]

24 Hours in NYC

After a day full of seeing some of the main sights in NYC (read part one), on day two we were ready to take a more casual approach to exploring. We meandered through different parks and neighborhoods, stopping to eat along the way (of course) and ended the night at a speakeasy! Read on for the details.

A Day in New York City

We started off day two by stopping into one of NYC’s many bagel shops to grab a coffee and this avocado bagel, to go. Then, we made our way to Washington Square Park and stopped briefly along the way to watch a passing dance parade.

We settled in to eat our breakfast at the park, watching passersby and performers. It was a leisurely start to a leisurely day.

Source: Kati Roll

Shortly after wrapping up breakfast, we walked on in search pf more food! One of Imtiaz’s favorite places in NYC is The Kati Roll Company, and having tried it I can highly recommend it as well. We found ourselves there a couple times over the course of the weekend.

We enjoyed spending much of day two strolling through the city, and next made our way over to Bryant Park.

Bryant Park was definitely a highlight of this trip for me! It’s big and beautiful, with plenty to do. There’s an area to play board games, places to grab drinks and places to snag delicious waffles like the one above (guilty!). Sitting there, people watching with a hot waffle on a cloudy day, life was good.

Source: Bathtub Gin

That evening, we met up some of Imtiaz’s friends at Bathtub Gin. You NEED to go here on your next trip to NYC. The entrance is within an unassuming coffee shop, and once you’re through the doors to the speakeasy the ambiance and food will blow you away. Be sure to make reservations ahead of time, and dress to impress!

24 Hours in NYC : Day 2

14 thoughts on “A Day in New York City [Part 2]

  1. What memories! I went to NYU which is right around Washington Square Park, so this brought back a wave of nostalgia. And I lived on one of the streets you photographed! That was such a great time in my life, though I have to say New York has gotten simply too expensive to live in as a creative and freelancer building a business! Luckily as I’m from New York I’ll always be back to visit, and lovely posts like yours make me remember my time there fondly!

  2. Avocado has to be one of he greatest foods in the world! That waffle looks tantalising too 🙂 Sounds like a great, epicurean day, in some very pleasant surrounds. The perfect way to end it with the visit to Bathtub Gin too!

  3. Ah Food and NYC – two great things come together 🙂
    Nice impressions from one of the most amazing cities in the world. We have been there some weeks ago too and your impressions bring back some very nice memories… thanks for sharing this.

  4. Even though I go to NYC almost yearly, I had to click on it. I am always curious what other people do when they visit because I do what the locals do and most of them avoid the City like the plague. Thank you, I might have to peruse on my own one day.

  5. Glad you enjoyed my city!

    And yes – those are the parts that are *my* city… I used to work near Bryant Park and eat lunch there routinely in nice weather, for instance. (Though they didn’t have so many amenities in those days! LOL) I love walking through streets and looking up at the buildings – I see you discovered how much carving and other art is up a floor!

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