Blenders & Bowls l Foodie Friday

In exactly 7 weeks from today, I’ll be boarding a plane to Europe. It’ll be my first time back since my yearlong stint in Madrid and I can’t wait! We’ll be visiting several cities across Spain and Italy, and, having visited nearly all of them before, I already know I’m in for the time of my life. Part of my trip prep involves getting healthier — something I’ve already been wanting to recommit to, and having a trip to work toward only ups my motivation. Which brings me to this week’s Foodie Friday subject, Blenders and Bowls!

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Creative Travel Guide l Traveler Tuesday

Welcome to this week’s Traveler Tuesday feature, where we learn more about a fellow Globe Gazer’s travel tastes. If you’re a traveler interested in participating, please email me at This week, we hear from Katie Roscoe of Creative Travel Guide.

Katie is from London and you can keep up with her on  her blog, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.

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5 Palm Tree Photos to Tide You Over Until Summer

Happy first day of Spring! Here in Chicago, it’s still cloudy and cold and the memory of snow has yet to melt away. Having been down south less than a week ago, I’m struggling to adjust after wandering around in shades and sundresses! So, I’ve dug up some of my favorite palm tree photos to help get us all through what I can only hope is the final stretch of chill.

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Saved by the Max l Foodie Friday

Have you heard the hype about the beloved 90s sitcom pop up shop that’s shaking things up in Wicker Park? Saved By The Max popup brings one of our favorite diners to life, complete with vibrantly colored booths and 90s jams.

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How Dublin Got Its Name l #TBT

St. Paddy’s day is tomorrow and this time of year always reminds me of my weekend in Dublin. Do you know the story of how Dublin got its name? I didn’t, until recently when I was looking through my photos from that trip and came across this picture of the garden behind Dublin Castle.

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